Save Thousands Each Year With Frugal Living

How can you accomplish Frugal Living? I get asked that question often and the answer is easier than you may think. Personally, as a wife and mother of four I had to learn early on how to make our income stretch and live a frugal lifestyle.

Using my frugal tips I can save over 50% off on grocery bills every week. I have learned various money saving tips that can cut down utility and other household expenses.

Honestly, you can apply frugal tips to all aspects of life, the real problem many people face is finding the most effective methods to doing so.

This site will show you how to be frugal at the local drug stores where you can get some of your medical items for free or almost free. 

We have great tips on how to work with your insurance companies cutting back on their coverages, the list is endless.

I have saved thousands and I want to help you do the same.

I've always loved couponing, I first started when I was 19 years old and have never stopped. I also was able to build a stockpile of free food and non food items.

This has grown over the years and is constantly replenished.

Some of the items I can always get free and have not paid for since I was teenager! I have made my lifelong hobby of frugal living a profitable one.

The subjects we cover will save you money, including the following areas:

With the increasingly high cost of utility bills, rising gasoline prices and even the increasing cost of groceries it sure feels good when you can leave the grocery store with a cart filled with free or almost free items.

I hope through this site you will learn the saving techniques I've used for years.

Let me share my frugal lifestyle with you.

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