DIY Garden Table Plans

Need a DIY garden table? This simple table design doesn’t cost much to complete and gives amazing visual appeal to your garden.

Do you love making outside projects? We’ll I do. If there is any DIY garden ideas I’m up for the challenge. I needed another accent table for my patio so I decided to re-purpose a terracotta pot. These pots come in all sizes. I chose the largest one I could find. You can purchase the terracotta pot and base for about $20.00. They sell them at stores like Walmart, Home Depot or garden stores.

DIY garden table

This style diy garden table will hold up in the wind because it is heavy and durable. All that is needed is some paint. I personally like the unpainted natural look. It gives this garden furniture the garden look. The simplicity of clay pots always represents the garden. So if desired paint the pot and base the color you like, you can just paint it and not add sealer. This way will show a weathered look in time. Some may like that look, I do. You can however add a coat of sealer to protect it from the weather.

When dry just turn the pot over and sit the base on top. For a added look you can take some twine and glue around the upper portion of the base. This would give it a nautical look. Maybe glue on a few sea shells too. This table is perfect enough to hold a couple of glasses of iced tea. This is a great little side table or accent table.


Optional Bird Bath Idea

I have seen where you can also turn this style table into a bird bath. Just plug up the small hole in the center of base if one is there. Now sit it on top of the terracotta pot with edges up to hold water. You could also paint some designs or flowers on it for a decorative look. So this inexpensive project could have multiple uses. This table is very versatile and should last for years. I’ve seen them also you can change the look of it often to suit your style and color scheme. When you’re done with it serving as a table you will still have a large planter for flowers.


Final Word: DIY Garden Table

I had an area under my front window of my house that needed some flowers. So I took the clay pot and turned it on its side and positioned it at an angle so you could see lots of flowers spilling out the pot. Just add the potting soil and plant different varieties of flowers. This makes a lovey display and I’ve received many of compliments and always see beautiful flowers when I walk up to my house.

Its a simple diy project that can become a centerpiece for any garden.


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