11 Best Items to Buy When Dollar Tree Shopping

When you’re doing your Dollar Tree shopping you’ll quickly find amazing deals left and right. However, there are some items that are head and shoulders better to buy at Dollar Tree as opposed to other stores. The following list highlights some of those very items. Enjoy!

11 Best Things to buy when dollar tree shopping


1.) Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

Dollar Tree Frozen Fruit

Dollar tree has a great selection of frozen food. Particularly their selection of frozen fruit and vegetables. I personally hoard their frozen blueberries. Blueberries can cost upward of $3 per bag at your standard grocery store. You can get the same amount at Dollar Tree for $1. They also have frozen strawberries, peaches, corn, broccoli asparagus, and much more. I often take advantage of these for smoothies and side dishes.


2.) Holiday Decorations

Dollar Tree Holiday

When the holiday season rolls around most stores mark up the price of their decorations. Well, that obviously isn’t a problem for a store like Dollar Tree where everything is always $1. They tend to have a diverse selection of decorations, enough so that you can do most your decoration shopping at Dollar Tree alone. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Years, you name it they’ll have it.


3.) Cleaning Supplies

Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies

Dollar Tree offers cleaning supplies for almost every situation. Need to clean your house? They have it. Need to clean your car? They have it. Need to wash your dishes? Well you guessed it, they have it. They also offer a great selection of brushes, brooms and sponges. You can build up your entire collection of cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree and for a fraction of the price.


4.) Greeting Cards

Dollar Tree Greetings Card

Greeting cards, birthday cards, get-well-soon cards, regardless of situation can add up when they are $3-$4 a pop. Most Dollar Tree locations have a massive selection of cards. I’ve found myself buying cards there just to stockpile at home should I ever need one in a pinch. Also, helps to have them on hand to save yourself the trip.


5.) Spices

Dollar Tree Spices

When you run out of spices Dollar Tree is easily the best place to go for replacements. For years, I would spend around $2-$3 on replacements at my local grocery store. Little did I know that Dollar Tree offered those exact same spices at their stores for $1.


6.) Candy/Snacks

Dollar Tree Candy

Most Dollar Tree stores have an entire aisle dedicated candy and another aisle dedicated to general snacks. I’ve often used their selection for when I need candy for a birthday gift or when I needed snacks for an event or party. This can make Dollar Tree shopping much more sweeter!


7.) Books/Novels/Coloring Books

Dollar Tree Books

They often have popular books and novels on sale for $1. How can you beat that? Not to mention coloring books for kids. I’ve known a few different people who buy a stack of coloring books to keep on hand to surprise their kids with. I always give their book section a look over when I’m in store. It always surprises me how many great books you can find if you check regularly. Certainly something you should always check out on your Dollar Tree shopping trips.


8.) Party Supplies

Dollar Tree Party Supplies

They have everything from birthday balloons to birthday streamers. Whenever I plan a party I tend to start at Dollar Tree to get most of my essential previsions. Considering the store also has snacks and craft supplies you can do most your party planning from Dollar Tree alone. They also have balloons for almost any party theme.


9.) Bread

Dollar Tree Bread

You can get full loaves of bread for most of your popular brands. They have everything from white bread to wheat bread. Although, the one downside is that some loaves could be nearing their expiration dates. So, you might want to eat them sooner rather than later.


10.) Picture Frames

Dollar Tree Picture Frame

There is a large selection of picture frames available at Dollar Tree. For frames being $1 a piece you could make some interesting designs. I’ve seen where some people buy 5-10 of them and make interesting collages using various photos.


11.) Mugs/Glassware

Dollar Tree Mugs

Dollar Tree has a large selection of mugs and glassware. I’ve seen where some people use Dollar Tree glassware throughout the year so that they may save their other sets for special occasions. Most of their mugs and glassware are made well and hold up great.


Final Word: 11 Best Items to Buy When Dollar Tree Shopping

Dollar Tree clearly has some of the best prices around. Especially for the items highlighted in this list. Another great practice you should consider is trying new things at Dollar Tree. Worst case you lose $1. Best case you find a affordable new source for that item. Seems like a great investment experiment for just $1.


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