17 Simple DIY Crafts for Kids

With Summer on the horizon, why not have some DIY crafts for kids ready? The great thing about making crafts with kids is that you’ll end up getting so much out of it. They’ll be delighted to make something creative and you’ll get a great keepsake. Not to mention you can reuse old items that were just collecting dust!

I’m sure you can remember what it was like as a kid to be stuck indoors during a rainy day it would drive you stir-crazy! So you should consider keeping some of these craft ideas on-hand for that very reason.

DIY Crafts for Kids

Here we’ll showcase 17 creative DIY crafts for kids that shouldn’t require too much time planning.


1.) DIY Key Wind Chime

DIY Key Wind Chime

(Source: Inner Child Fun)


2.) Garden Rock Caterpillar


3.) Pour Painted Pots


4.) Pet Rocks!


5.) Jelly Fish


6.) Sun Melted Crayon Art


7.) Cherry Blossom Tissue Paper


8.) DIY Butterfly Magnets


9.) Embellished Glasses


10.) Umbrella Coffee Filter Craft


11.) Button Art


12.) Egg Carton Flowers


13.) Hand-print Oven Mitt


14.) DIY Cupcake Wrapper Daffodils


15.) Recycled Tin Can Woodstocks


16.) Sunflower Marshmallow Pops


17.) Egg Carton Boat



Final Word: 17 Simple DIY Crafts for Kids

Aren’t these crafts interesting? I was surprised by how many neat crafts could be made just using stuff lying around! Many can be made using recycled material, which is a great lesson to show children. Recycling old tin cans to make a windstock or old keys to make a windchime are a wonderful way to teach kids about recycling and not letting things go to waste.

Regardless, you’ll still end up with a great craft!

What also helps is to keep some of the supplies needed for these crafts on-hand. This comes in handy especially for rainy days when kids can go stir-crazy being stuck indoors. That is why I’ve always made it a point to have steady supply of crafting materials. It comes in handy for the kids who need something to do with their time but also is helpful when you find a great DIY ideas for yourself.

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