19 Simple DIY Christmas Crafts

Make Christmas much easier with these easy DIY Christmas crafts!

19 DIY christmas crafts

Understandably the holiday season can become rather hectic, mostly due to decorating, shopping, even travel takes up a substantial amount of time. The DIY Christmas crafts we showcase here are all easy-to-make and add a festive vibe without costing you a billion hours of decorating or designing.

Better yet, most of these crafts are so simple that you can throw them together with only a moments notice and using just items you likely have on-hand. Perfect for those last second touches


1.Bottle Cap Snowmen Ornament

Bottle Cap Snowmen

Just some bottle caps, paint and ribbon can really make a unique ornament for display on your tree. Because its so simple to make, something like this would also make a cute gift to give to someone in advance of Christmas. I’ve seen where some people sent small gifts or ornaments with their Christmas cards, well these bottle cap snowmen would make a cheap and easy gift to give.

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2. Clothespin Snowflake Ornament

Clothespin Snowflake

Have extra clothespins laying around? Well then you can easily make this snowflake ornament! With just glue and paint you can turn those wood clothespins into an amazing looking ornament. You can also use this ornament DIY and hang multiple clothespin snowflakes on your window, door, or refrigerator to give a snowfall look. Actually, if you save all the broken clothespins that you accumulate throughout the year you could probably make a few of these!

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3. Candy Cane Wreath

Candy Cane Wreath

When Christmas rolls around you can find candy canes almost anywhere, sometimes they even pile up to the point you cannot figure out how to get rid of them. Well why not turn them into a cute display? This DIY takes candy canes and shapes them into a wreath that certainly pulls off the Christmas vibe. Just glue, candy canes and twine are all you need to pull off this simple craft.

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4. Utensil Stockings

Utensil Stockings

Just stockings! That’s all you’ll need to pull off this cute extra touch for your Christmas dinners. Finding stockings small enough to house your utensils isn’t too hard either, places like the Dollar Tree often have them for $1 a piece.

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5. Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Cork Tree

Most people actually get into the habit of keeping their old wine corks, mainly because there are limitless DIY ideas that you could come up with for them. That is certainly the case with this DIY cork Christmas tree. We actually just did a DIY craft that uses old wine bottles to make Christmas display bottles. Between these two DIY Christmas crafts you’ll be recycling every piece of your wine bottle!

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6. Christmas Window Ornaments

Having extra ornaments is always an issue, especially when you replace them year-after-year. With this DIY you can effortlessly hang those extra ornaments in your window and craft a special window design that is sure to impress! String and ornaments can go a very long way!

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7. Cinnamon Stick Candle

Cinnamon Stick Candle

It’s amazing what you can make with just some cinnamon sticks and burlap. They can take a normal looking $1 candle and turn it into a Christmas decoration that can be used as part of your centerpiece or just to light up as a candle.

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8. Pokemon Ornaments

Pokemon Ornaments

Pokemon has been a phenomenon for almost two decades and continues to be a fan favorite. This DIY taps into that fandom and helps you turn some basic tree ornaments into a ‘pokeball’. Similar ornaments can go for as high as $15-$20, these DIY Pokemon ornaments can be made for as cheap as $3.

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9. Rustic Wood Candle Holders

Rustic Wood Candle Holder

What a neat idea! Turn a log into a unique candle holder with seasonal trimmings. Much like the cinnamon candle DIY showcased above, this can be used as a great centerpiece item or as a nice standalone candle.

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10. Santa Flower Pots

Santa Flower Pots

These Santa themed flower pots are a nice idea for when you plan to give someone a plant for Christmas or for even styling your own plants. I’ve also seen where some people have used larger pots to make this DIY with and simply place their potted plants inside the larger themed pot to avoid the mess and time of replanting them.

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11. Paper Christmas Lights

Paper Christmas Lights

What a perfect craft for kids and adults alike! Everyone has done the typical paper chain links for Christmas but these paper light bulbs take that concept and turn it into something even more amazing. They look unique enough to be bought at a store but simple enough that a child can do it.

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12. Picture Frame Bulbs

Picture Frame Bulbs

We’ve covered our fair-share of picture frame DIY ideas before, this one however has to be one of the easiest! Just take the picture frame of your choice, paint it if you desire, attach your ornaments using string, and add a bow to finish it off. Simple, fast and so beautiful! Certainly one of the easier DIY Christmas crafts on here!

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13. Snowman Door

Snowman Door

Take your white doors and turn them into snowmen, simple enough, no? Well it is that simple! You can apply this same DIY to front doors and refrigerators as well. This DIY is as simple as using paper and ribbon!

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14. DIY Christmas Display Bottles in 3 Steps

These Christmas display bottles are a cinch to make, actually they can be done in 3 simple steps. The bottles can be used for a Christmas display setting or for a centerpiece, some even use them to display their tree cuttings in. This DIY is also a great way to recycle your old wine bottles, just like the bottle cap ornament DIY we showcased above.

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15. Terracotta Christmas Tree

Terracotta Christmas Tree

Having unique Christmas trees on display are a given around Christmas time, well this terracotta Christmas tree is sure to be considered unique. Using just 3 pots, paint and glue you can really craft together a simple DIY craft that doesn’t require hours of labor but also yields a neat and original result.

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16. Simple Window Wreaths

Window Wreaths

Make use of your curtain rods and set them up for the holiday season by adding a Christmas wreath to them! Using strips of burlap or ribbon you can easily hang a wreath and turn a normal window into a special Christmas display. Actually, you may want to consider using the wreath we highlight below!

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17. DIY Ornament Wreath

Ornament Wreath

We’ve shown a few interesting different ways you can reuse your extra or old Christmas ornaments, well this is an especially especially interesting way to reuse them! Taking a foam wreath, often found in any typical craft store, you can glue ornaments to it and create an entire wreath made of them. Simple yet exceptionally unique!

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18. Candy Cane Planter

Candy Cane Planter

Yet another way to put all those candy canes to use! Just glue candy canes to an old pot, wrap a bow around it and you’re set! Much like the Santa themed pot we showcased above, this can be used for display in a centerpiece setting or just to theme your flower pots, it can also be used if you intend to give anyone potted plants for Christmas.

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19. Christmas Stocking Stand

Cristmas Stocking Stand

This is another one of the DIY Christmas crafts we’ve highlighted before here. Traditionally, most people put their stockings on display over their fireplace but for many people without fireplaces, that simply isn’t a possibility. Well don’t fret, you can still achieve a great result by constructing your own stocking stand. Using a standard fence post, wood slats for feet, and some hooks, you can craft together one in no-time!

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Final Word: 19 DIY Christmas Crafts

As showcased above, you can easily pull off holiday decorations by throwing together some simple DIY Christmas crafts. Best part? You’ll save yourself a fortune in time, rather than undertaking elaborate projects that can take a day or more to finish. Actually, with many of these crafts you’ll likely have many of the required items already.

Who knew some glue, paint, and ribbon could go so far!


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