6 Tips for Craigslist Classifieds Shopping

One of the major benefits of using Craigslist classifieds shopping is the amazing deals that are offered. You can find deals on everything from iPhones to Victorian era furniture. But how can you save more money? Well there are plenty of ways to save more when you use Craigslist. Below we’ll highlight some of the ways that can save and get the best possible deal.

Craigslist Classifieds Shopping

Here we’ll highlight some of the core Craigslist savings concepts that should help you save more when buying items but also maximize your profit when selling items. We’ll also highlight some of the services and items you should be more cautious about.


1. Don’t be afraid to haggle

How to Haggle

Whenever I sell things on Craigslist it always surprises me how few people try to haggle me down on the price. Often when I sell things I overprice them by a small amount. I do this under the guise that the buyer will try and talk me down. The worst a seller can tell you is no and stay firm on their price. So why not take a shot at getting the item cheaper?


2. Be specific in your details

Be Specific

If its selling an item, make sure you provide as much information as you can. You’ll attract more serious buyers and weed out people who would be asking for information anyway. If you’re buying items be specific in your message. Clarify what you would like to pay, when you can be reached, where you can meet. Being a detail specific buyer lets the seller know you’ll be easier to interact with.

For most people using Craigslist having a detail focused buyer or seller is a major blessing.


3. Patience is a virtue

Shopping Patience

Waiting for the right buyer or seller can take time. The same with finding the right deal. Especially if the only people selling the item you want have it overpriced and refuse to budge. In cases like that your only options are paying the listed price or waiting for more people.

What has helped me in the past is listing an item under the assumption that it might take over a week to find a deal or offer that I like. That way if I’m underwhelmed and it takes a while I’ve built up that expectation. Likewise, if I get a great deal or offer early on I’m excited and also saved time. Actually. having patience might be one of the most important tips for Craigslist classifieds shopping.


4. Consider making trades

Trade Goods

Craigslist has an area for trading items but you can also offer to add an item if a buyer or seller is split on a price. For example, not long ago I was trying to sell a table on Craigslist and the seller and I were apart by about $20 on the sales figure. To break the deadlock, I offered to include this old end table to see if they’ll improve on their offered price. In the end, I got the full price I wanted and managed to get rid of an old end table that was collecting dust.

So, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to finalize a sale!


5. Check the market before buying or selling

Search the Market

When buying or selling items always check to see what the market is for that item. You can go back weeks or months on Craigslist and see what that item has sold for. Often when I sell items I check to see what my competition is selling similar items for and use that to determine a fair listing price. The same can be done with buying items. You can easily check and see what previous sellers have listed their item for and judge if current listings are priced fairly.


6. Research the item you’re buying or selling

Research Items

Knowing as much as you can about the item gives you the advantage when someone asks questions or tries to negotiate the price. I’ve had buyers try to overwhelm me with information, believing that it would somehow result in a decrease of the asking price. So having a good understanding of the items you’re buying and selling can help during price negations.


Final Word: 6 Tips for Craigslist Classifieds Shopping

With Craigslist always remember to stay safe when meeting people for transactions. Altogether Craigslist classifieds shopping is one of the premiere ways to buy and sell items locally. While many of these tips require time or patience the end result will yield much greater savings and better profits.

Also remember to avoid buying items such as mattresses or jewelry. While many items could be safe to buy the reward may not be worth the risk. Especially if its the risk of getting a mattress with fleas and bed bugs or a expensive piece of jewelry that is fake.

So good luck and find those amazing deals!


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