7 Simple Dollar Store DIY Photo Frame Ideas

When it comes to creating interesting DIY photo frame designs your local dollar store is always the best place to start. Since each photo frame should run as low as $1 per frame you can be creative as you want without the fear of ruining a costly item. Seriously, imagine ruining antique frames or expensive highly detailed frames? That would be a DIY nightmare!

Here we’ll showcase 7 simple DIY frame ideas that even an entry-level DIY’er can accomplish. So check out these ideas and get designing!

7 Dollar Store DIY Photo Frame Ideas



1.) Photo frame lantern

DIY Photo Frame Lantern

This neat design idea took four $1 picture frames and turned it into a unique lantern. Using just picture frames, hot glue and some paint these lanterns should only take you 20 or so minutes to throw together. Better yet with some candles you can create the perfect atmosphere lighting for a fraction of the cost.

(Read How: Hometalk.com)


2.) Penny Frame

Penny DIY Photo Frame

One of the wonderful things about dollar store frames are that you can customize them to your heart’s content without much fear of losing a lot of money. With this penny frame design you can throw together a very affordable piece that will literally only cost you pennies. You can also apply this design idea to include buttons or other coinage depending on what you desire.

(Read How: Blog.dollartree.com)


3.) DIY organizer

DIY Photo Frame Organizer

Who would have thought? A picture frame turned organizer. That are so many situations you can use this for, it would be perfect for the laundry room, bathroom, closet, even in the kitchen. You can also add magnets to the frame and use it on your refrigerator. You can even add hooks to attach it to the side of your recliner for remote storage. The potential uses for this design are limitless!

(Read How: Findingdelight.com)


4.) Earring Holder

DIY Photo Frame Earring Holder

One picture frame, a foot of chiffon, some plastic mesh, and glue are all that you’ll need to throw together this simple earring holder. This holder would be great the hang next to the full profile mirror or place on a vanity desk. Perfect for quickly trying out different earrings and finding the right pair to go with your outfit.

(Read How: Ami Callihan)


5.) Wall Collage

DIY Photo Frame Collage

With how cheap these frames can be a wall collage makes perfect sense right? Well this wall collage design combines a classic picture frame + matting design with the cost affordability of using a dollar store frame. In the end, you get a classic photo presentation without the excessive cost that tends to accompany it.

(Read How: designingvibes.com)


6.) Mirror frame design

DIY Photo Frame Mirrors

While not technically a picture centered design it still follows the picture frame idea and the mirror designs you can make with them are amazing. What makes this design so unique is the simple but unique customization options. The design uses a cut out letter as a centerpiece but you could easily use a picture, emblem, small planter, even a candle holder in place of it.

(Read How: thebluehousecrafts)


7.) DIY Table Signs

DIY Photo Frame Signs

I found these to be exceptional DIY picture frame ideas. The idea uses the affordable frames to create table signs that can be used to designate table top areas. These would be perfect for a yard sale table where you can denote the price of everything on that table. You can also choose to forego the sign idea and use these to house photos instead.

(Read How: polka-dottyplace)


Final Word: 7 Dollar Store DIY Photo Frame Ideas

When you factor in how cheap frames at the dollar store are you can quickly see why there are so many DIY possibilities. Despite these DIY photo frame ideas being centered around dollar store frames, don’t think for a second that design ideas for more expensive frames won’t work for these frames either. Better yet just jump in and give it a try. Worst case you lose $1 and learn what you need to do better next time. Best case you end up with a unique conversation piece that will become a central piece to your home design.

If you liked these DIY photo frame ideas, don’t forget to check out our DIY home decor section that provides great DIY guides and ideas that should leave you inspired. Our DIY furniture section will also help you cultivate amazing furniture pieces that can be put together with little or no experience with DIY’ing.

7 Dollar Store Frame Ideas

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