8 Easy DIY Nursery Decor Ideas

Need some DIY nursery decor ideas for yourself or someone you know? You would be amazed how simple you can pull together a unique and original nursery without wrecking your budget. Some of the nursery ideas we highlight here can be done with only a few items needed but all of them can be done with low cost and yield great rewards.

With these DIY ideas in hand you should be able to throw together an original and unique baby nursery!

8 Easy DIY Nursery Decor Ideas


1.) Baby Picture Display

Baby Picture Display

This is one of the simplest picture display DIY projects I’ve seen. Using an old frame, wire and clips are really all you need to throw this great idea together. You can even use the picture display to show the baby’s progression over the course of the coming months and years!

(DIY Guide: Little Inspiration)


2.) Closet Divider

Closet Divider

Another great piece of DIY nursery decor! All together this closest divider project should only cost a few dollars to create. I’ve seen where some people have used the dividers to organizer their baby’s clothes by months, color, even by indoor and outdoor wear. The best part is that you can be entirely creative with the design to tailor fit your desired scheme.

(DIY Guide: ashleyannphotography.com)


3.) Yarn Wrapped Letters

Yarn Wrapped Letter

Using giant letters or spelling out the baby’s name is a simple and touching piece for any nursery. You can create the letters using wood but you can also use cardboard. Cardboard is so easy to find and could be an effective way for you to try this DIY. Otherwise, all you really need is yarn and glue. Isn’t that so simple?

(DIY Guide: The Spruce)


4.) Baby Crib Mobile

Crib Mobile

Considering how often the baby will spend mesmerized by it, the crib mobile should be one of the most personal touches for your DIY nursery decor. These DIY crib mobiles will have you throwing together a budget friendly but extra cute mobile will assuredly captivate that special little one for many nap-times!

(DIY Guide: Make Sew Baby)


5.) Changing Table

DIY Changing Table

This DIY table is a surprisingly neat and stylish project that you could end up reusing elsewhere in the house when the baby grows out of needing it. This table design considers the need for quick access to things such as diapers, wipes or blankets. The best part if that the build plans are relatively simple that even the most novice crafter should be able to manage.

(DIY Guide: Rogue Engineer)


6.) Hairbow Organizer

Hairbow Organizer

Another extremely simple yet beautifully done piece of DIY nursery decor that helps you organize baby supplies. Using just mere strips of wood, glue and clothes pins you can now organize all your baby hairbows and headbands without taking up drawer space. You can also use this design to organize other things or use it as a picture holder.

(DIY Guide: Live a Little Wilder Blog)


7.) Animal Canvases

Animal Canvases

These cute animal canvases are the perfect wall display that can be tailored around the baby’s theme. The best part is that they require but a few items to make them, canvases, paint, glue and animal figures (or figures of whatever you desire). I’ve seen similar ones where people used Pokemon or Care Bears. You can also color coordinate the canvases to your theme accordingly.

(DIY Guide: Papery & Cakery)


8.) Growth Chart

Growth Chart

What kind of nursery would be lacking a growth chart? It’s almost a requirement to have one! This chart can be made using plywood or even recovered wood. I’ve also seen where some people shape their growth chart in the shape of a pencil or flower, though the arrow in this DIY seems like the more natural option.

(DIY Guide: Fawn Over Baby)


Final Word: 8 Easy DIY Nursery Decor Ideas

When you think decorating a nursery you should always remember that consider the safety of the baby, so make sure everything was well secured and anything sharp is covered. Also remember to make sure any paints or glues are chemically safe to be in the same room as the baby before you add them.

Most of the items showcased here can also be re-purposed later for when the baby grows. For example, the crib mobile could be updated to add the planets in our solar system which would be perfect for a child’s development. Likewise, you could also update the animal canvases with whatever the child is interested in as they grow up. The possibilities really are limitless!

8 Easy DIY Nursery Decor Ideas


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