8 Tips to get the Best Used Cars Deals

Looking to get a car? Getting the best used cars deals can save you thousands on your car sale and net you a great car too! The 8 tips we highlight here will help reinforce the process by which you get the best deal for your money. Even using just a few of these tips can help you get a much better deal and when making a big purchase like a car, every little bit adds up!

Used Cars Deals


1.) Set a reasonable budget

Used Car Sign

Let’s be realistic, you probably won’t get a great car south of $1,500. I’m not saying it’s impossible but odds are you’ll be increasing the chances of getting a car with problems. Nerdwallet.com found that a budget of $2,500 is seemingly the consensus price point of a quality used car. So, to play it safe you might want to use that as a starting point to work around.


2.) Check junkyards

Car Junkyard

Most automotive junkyards also sell repaired cars at a very reduce rate. Many even let you use broken cars as a trade-in towards used car. Just like most dealerships, junkyards also remain negotiable on the price. So, don’t be afraid to haggle the price down.


3.) Police auctions

Police Auctions

Police auctions are a great option for getting discounts on everything from cars to foreclosed properties. Often agencies that seize property will sell them at auction to recoup any money lost. This is perfect for those of us looking for good used cars deals. Actually, in many cases you can get perfectly working cars for a fraction of the price!


4.) Know the value of what you find

Kelley Blue Book

Knowing what the true value of a used car is can be a great negotiation tool when entering the buying phase. Kelley Blue Book is a great resource to check the value of a car, by using it you can determine what a car is worth based on year and mileage. I’ve seen firsthand someone use Kelly Blue Book to get a $5,000 car down to $3,400.


5.) Use car selling websites or apps

Auto Trader

There are tons of web services out there that allow dealers and private owners alike to list their cars. You can use these services to your advantage by checking them regularly and contacting them through it. When I was last car shopping, I made it a point to check new listings daily. It was amazing how a great deal would pop up in the morning then sold by the end of the day. Services like autotrader.com, carmax.com, and cars.com are just a few places to get you started.


6.) Ask friends and family

Talking with friends

Asking around is an often-overlooked way to get a good used car deal. You would be surprised how a neighbor of yours may have a coworker that is trying to sell a used car. Networking can always benefit you when deal hunting. You could start by posting on Facebook that you’re looking for car and see if anyone bites. Beyond that, check with immediate family and work from there!


7.) Work with a local used car dealer

Car Dealer

Many local used car dealers will work with you to make a sale. Some will even keep an eye out for cars coming through their lot that meets the specifications and price point you desire. So, make the effort to reach out to a few local dealers and get them to keep their eyes peeled for you. Heck, they might even cave and give you a good deal on a current car they have!


8.) Utilize Craigslist

Craigslist Cars

Craigslist is probably the best option when it comes to buying and selling used cars. We’ve discussed on here frequently how many great used cars deals can be found there. With automotive you would be wise to check their listings daily but also post a classified ad outlining what you’re looking for and for what budget. You might be surprised with how many people will contact you with cars they are looking to sell.


Final Word: 8 Tips to get the Best Used Cars Deals

Getting the best used cars deals doesn’t have to be complicated. As showcased above it merely requires a little more leg work and some minor forward planning. When you think about saving north of $1,000 on a car sale, why not take the time to get a better deal?


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