9 Ways to get a Discount on Shoes

Getting a good discount on shoes is something we all should welcome. Shoe purchases can be costly and even more so when you need a specific type of shoe. Such as running shoes, therapeutic shoes, or even work boots. Part of finding the best deal is taking the time to consider how to shop for shoes and what can be done to get a better deal. Here we’ll highlight 9 tips that should help you save more money when shoe shopping.

Getting a Good Discount on Shoes


1.) Pay attention to Social Media

Pay Attention to Social Media

Depending on where you buy your shoes, be it Footlocker, Amazon, Sears, Macy’s, even Walmart, most have sales and discounts throughout the month. Many of these discounts are posted on their social media accounts.


2.) Check the clearance section

Store Clearance Section

Almost every store has a clearance section, shoe stores are no exception to this rule. You can ask a store clerk where the clearance section is and if there are any ongoing sales you should know about. Most clearance sections tend to rotate once a week so you may want to make it a habit to check their clearance inventory often. Many clearance deals can be as much as 90% off. So if you’re looking for a discount on shoes, this is where you want to start!


3.) Consider Buying Them Used (Just Listen!)

Buying Used Shoes

I know this sounds crazy but you would be amazed how many pairs of shoes people resell that were only used once or twice. Not to mention people who were given shoes as gifts and are now trying to resell them. Ebay for example, is known to have a vibrant shoe resale marketplace. Shoes that are $90 or so can be found for less than $20. Just be sure to clean them!


4.) Outlet stores will save you more

Outlet Stores Save More

Before you even consider buying your shoes at a retail store remember to check your local outlet stores first. Outlet stores often handle inventory that non-outlet stores cannot house anymore. Why would a store keep room for 4 pairs of shoes when they could send them down to an outlet store and free up the shelf space? At outlet stores they’ll sell those 4 pairs of shoes at a deeply discounted rate. You can find your local outlet stores using Yelp.com or Outletlocator.com.


5.) Wait for holiday sales

Wait for Holiday Sales

This is a pretty common shopping tip but certainly bears repeating. Many shoe stores take advantage of holidays to market their latest sale. Shoe and clothing stores often taking it a step further and celebrate seasonal changes. For example, they’ll host a winter sale that showcases snow boots or spring sale that houses outdoor and running shoes. Wait for these sales to maximize your savings potential.


6.) Coupons are still king

Coupons are Still Amazing

Coupons are still offered for many stores that sell shoes. For example, not long ago I had a 20% off store-wide coupon for Sears. That coupon came in handy for shopping in their shoe section. Other stores like Footlocker or Payless also put out their own coupons that can be redeemed for extra discount. Some shoe stores also offer coupons that can be printed out directly from their website, just be sure to check around!


7.) Buy online and save more

Buy Online Save Much More

There are countless online shoe retailers. Many sell overstocked inventory shoes that can be sold at a reduced rate. If you are to buy a pair of shoes online it would be wise for you to consider getting your feet officially measured before you do so. Otherwise you’ll enjoy the process of shipping them back should they not fit. Regardless the deals are almost limitless with shopping for shoes online.


8.) Your job or health insurance might cover shoe costs

Healthcare Might Cover Shoes

A bit of a shot in the dark but you would be surprised with how many companies cover their worker’s shoes. You might want to check with the company you work for and see if this is the case. There are also some healthcare plans that will pay for walking or running shoes. This might be a long shot but it’s worth trying.


9.) Take care of your current shoes

Cleaning your shoes

While this isn’t exactly a discount on shoes it will prolong the lifespan of your shoes and save you more in the long run. You should always remember to clean your shoes off and scrub them down every so often. The soles and inner padding are often the two most worn down parts so consider reinforcing the inner padding with some shoe insoles. Cleaning the bottom of your shoes to remove any debris will her preserve their lifespan as well.


Final Word: 9 Ways to Get a Discount on Shoes

Amazingly enough getting a good deal on shoes isn’t all that complicated. Just taking the time to check different stores, with the right coupon or sale, can really save you a bundle of cash. Even taking the time to call around to see what stores have sales going on or if they have a clearance section can be a wonderful way to start.

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