Chalk Paint: Why you should be using it

Have you ever painted with chalk paint? Well it is the best. With this paint you don’t need to sand or prime your projects. So no prepping needed, just start painting and the coverage is wonderful. It dries to a matte finish and the paint gives the furniture a vintage look.

chalk paint

This kind of paint is different than chalkboard paint as it is mainly used for furniture and accessories. Many of the finished pieces I have done I have sanded the edges a little to give a distressed look. Just sand the areas where it would have naturally been worn, you can use sandpaper or a sanding sponge. Such an easy step to get a popular look.

Creating Homemade Chalk Paint

Now that you have a finished project. If you want to distress it you can use 200-300grit sand paper. Then polish with a soft cloth for extra shine. This paint goes along way and just a 4oz. sample size can cover a small piece of furniture. Better yet, you can make your own chalk paint and save even more money.

Here is a recipe for making the paint homemade:

2 cups latex paint

5 tbs. Plaster of Paris

3 tbs. water

Adding it together: Dissolve the Plaster of Paris in warm water then mix into the paint. You may need to play around with the ingredients to get the thickness you desire



Steps to Painting with Chalk Paint:

Step 1: Wipe off your piece of furniture or accessory so it is clean and dry. (Always remove any dirt and grease)

Step 2: Paint 1-2 coats of paint as desired. Make sure the first coat is dry before applying the second coat.

Step 3: Let dry completely.

Step 4: Apply clear wax. Use a thin layer gently pushing into the painted piece with a brush. Wipe off any excess with a cloth.


Using Sealer

When painting with this paint you will need to finish with a top coat of sealer. Chalk painted items tend to hold fingerprints and dirt, so this is why you should always seal your finished piece.


It can be a wax sealer or a polyurethane sealer. The wax comes in clear or tinted and a little goes a long way so scoop a small amount onto a paper plate, this makes it easier to apply and helps remove any excess wax. When using a soft wax apply in circular motions with a wax brush or a cloth, a wax brush is good to use and worth the investment. I find that the wax sealer does not hold up long on pieces that are in high traffic areas. I personally will use the polyurethane sealer on those items as wax is always your last step. Once you apply the wax nothing else will stick to it, so make sure it is the final sealer.

This will protect your finished piece and makes it come alive. After all your hard work you want to preserve it.


Final Word: Chalk Paint

The art of DIY design is taking affordable pieces of furniture and transforming them into something amazing. There are limitless ideas when it comes to chalk paint, especially with how easy it is to make. Considering how expensive new furniture can be, why not refurbish an old piece for next to nothing?

Also consider the unique nature of making your own furniture piece. Not only would you be saving money but you would also be creating something that no one else has.

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