Create a Free DIY Fence Using Pallets

Did you know that you can create a free DIY fence using pallets? Fences can often be a pain to install or a budget killer to afford, but through using the free resource of pallets you can easily throw one together.

Considering that pallets are much more durable than we give them credit for, they are made to withstand the heavy weight of hundreds of pounds and survive in outdoor conditions, it is only natural that they could double as a durable fence.

DIY fence using pallets

Items Needed

Pallets (a lot)

Something to affix the pallets together (nails, screws or bolts should work)

Metal stakes or wooden posts


Finding the pallets

If you’ve ever used pallets before in a DIY project you’ll know they can be hit or miss when it comes to finding them. However, there are some things you can do to improve your odds of finding free pallets.

First off, you need to check popular local sources. Such as community Facebook pages where you can ask the community if they have any or know of anyone who does. Surprisingly, many local businesses use these community pages to advertise, so it isn’t a surprise that they would entertain the idea of someone hauling away something they deem ‘junk’.

Craigslist will probably be your best option. Craigslist has a free section where many business often post their pallets for removal to anyone who will take them. Furthermore, you can also make your own post letting anyone know you’ll take them off their hands.

Then of course, there is old fashioned cold calls. You can simply call businesses around you that would have pallets and see if they have any they are willing to part with.

What helps is checking, they actually have a section that lets businesses post classified ads to get rid of pallets.


Creating the DIY fence

Method #1

DIY fence pallets attached

There are few schools of thought when it comes to constructing pallet fences.

The easiest way would be to attach one pallet to the next using nails and then driving stakes into the ground and affixing each pallet to a stake for further support. This method is least costly and time consuming out there.


Method #2

DIY Fence Pallet Posts

Another popular method is sandwiching a wooden post between each pallet and attaching the pallets to the wooden posts.

Because the posts will be driven into the ground the support for the fence would be better this way. The down side to this method is the amount of time it takes to build and the extra cost of resources.

You could also save yourself some time with this method by spacing a post every two pallets instead of placing them between every pallet. It would save on time and resources.

Optional Upgrades

The amazing thing about pallet fences are the various upgrades you can make to them to fit almost any theme you’re going for. Here are a few unique ideas you could consider doing to your completed fence.


Make it a DIY pallet garden fence (a mouthful, I know!)

DIY Fence Pallet Garden Top

We actually have a quick DIY guide you can check out to show you how to convert a pallet into a garden. The process isn’t hard, it makes your pallet fence multi-functional and it will add a neat looking aesthetic!


Adding chicken wire to reinforce your DIY fence against critters

DIY Pallet Fence Chicken Wire

Chicken wire is cheap and keeping pests and other animals out is always helpful. You can easily attach the chicken wire using a staple gun or by sandwiching the wire between the pallet and a piece of scrap wood and screwing it to the fence.


Get color creative

DIY Fence Pallets Painted

Leaving your pallet fence as is can certainly be a great option, especially if you’re going for a more rustic farmhouse look. However, you could also consider adding some color or stain to them and really make it stand out!


Add a simple gate

DIY Fence Gate

What good is a fenced in area if you have no way in or out? Sounds more like a pallet prison than a DIY fence! Well easily enough you could always just convert a pallet into a fence or simply build your own.

Final Word: Create a Simple DIY Fence Using Pallets

Honestly, the hardest thing about this DIY fence is getting the pallets for it. Even that can be simplified by trying some of the methods we highlighted here.

There is one thing you might want to consider before going through this with this DIY and that is that you’ll need to decide if you’ll be setting your pallet up vertically or horizontally. Because pallets tend to be around 40” x 48”, 40” vertically and 40” horizontally, one way will obviously cover more ground but in turn will sacrifice height.

Either way you should be able to set yourself up with a nice DIY fence regardless.

Also be sure to check out our article on what you need to know about potential toxic wooden pallets and how to identify them.


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