Create DIY Christmas Bottles in 3 Steps

“Make festive DIY Christmas bottles for the perfect holiday display!”

Get ready for the holiday season without all the fuss of crafting painstaking Christmas displays or purchasing expensive decorations. Finding extra time around Christmas is complicated enough as it is. Actually, just decorating your house and Christmas tree can take often take the lion’s share of free time.

Well, these DIY Christmas bottles provide you with an aesthetically pleasing holiday piece that doesn’t take hours to create or unpack for later use.

So save yourself some time by making these Christmas bottles in just 3 easy steps!


Items Needed:

    • Wine Bottles
    • Paint (Spray or Brush paint)
    • Adhesive (Glue will work)
    • Epsom Salt
    • Branch or antler decorations


Step 1: Paint your bottles

Paint Bottles

Take your wine bottles and paint them with a coat or two of white paint, brush or spray paint will do the trick. You can also do them in alternate Christmas colors such as red, white or green.

Assuming you don’t drink wine or need them in a hurry, you can also buy $2-$3 bottles of wine from Wal-Mart and simply empty them out. Likewise, your local craft store may even have empty bottles for less. Otherwise just get in the habit of saving your old bottles, not to mention you can use them for other craft ideas too!


Step 2: Add a snowflake effect

Snowflaking Bottles

To get the ‘snowflake on the bottle’ look you must apply adhesive to your bottles and roll them around in epsom salt. Common white glue should be a good enough adhesive, hot glue, spray adhesive, and even super glue can also work as your adhesive.

You can also consider doing one side of the bottle at a time to make sure the snowflake effect is evenly spread.

I’ve seen where some people have tried to do this while the paint was still wet on the bottle, I would advise against that. Often the paint ends up dripping off of the bottle and into the salt, creating a mess and making it harder to roll around.


Step 3: Style your bottles

DIY Christmas Bottles

Using tree trimmings or decorative branches, place them sticking out of the bottle to create a great Christmas look and feel. You can take branch trimmings directly off of your Christmas tree to save some extra money.

If, however, you use an artificial tree you can just as easily get tree trimmings, often for free, at a local Christmas tree re-seller. In many cases they have them just laying around on the ground.

I’ve also seen where people have used reindeer antlers as a substitute for branches. Still festive and funny!


Optional: Other holiday bottles

Halloween Bottles

While this DIY craft is a great Christmas idea the same concept can be applied to other holidays. For Halloween you can easily paint your bottles orange with a pumpkin face and a green stem. For St. Patrick’s Day you can go with a green bottle with clovers on in.

There are limitless ways this DIY can be retooled, even for one-off events like baby showers or even graduations.


Final Word: 3 Step DIY Christmas Bottles

This is honestly one of the more painless DIY crafts you could make. Actually, you end up spending more time waiting for the paint and glue to dry!

On the pricing side, it might end up costing you next to nothing to make these. Most households already have many of the required items on-hand. Items such as epsom salt, glue, and paint are often considered staples to keep around. In my case it took me just setting aside some recycled wine bottles and picking up an extra can of spray paint from the dollar store to throw this DIY together.

So look around, you may already have most the items!

I actually use the DIY wine rack that we highlighted on here to house my DIY wine bottle crafts throughout the year. The rack is small enough that it can fit on a garage or closet shelf but still keep your bottles safe throughout the year.

Ultimately, the best part about these DIY Christmas bottles are how simple they are to make and store for later use. When you think of all the time it takes to buy gifts for people, wrap those gifts, setting your Christmas tree up, decorating the tree, and decorating the rest of the house, you learn to appreciate simple decorations that only require you to unpack and sit out. Well these bottles are perfect for that!


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