Decluttering Kitchen and Bath Hacks for the New Year

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Christmas has come and gone.  Now your house fills overstuffed with Christmas décor, new gifts, and items needlessly taking up space.  New Years is the best time to release the old and clear out for the new.  It’s a new year with a total clean slate, another chance, a new beginning, and a fresh start.

These 10 decluttering hacks for the kitchen and bath will have you well on your way to turning your home into the tidy, organized space to begin the New Year.


Decluttering Kitchen and Bath Hacks for the New Year



Kitchen organization can be one of the hardest areas, however with these budget friendly helpers it will be a snap.

Organize Spices Using Clear Command Caddies

Spice cabinets can be a clutter overload.  You are unable to find what you need quickly and when you do you may discover you have three of the same spice and two are out of date.  Clear caddies to the rescue, Dreaming in DIY demonstrates how caddies will utilize the unused space inside your cabinet or pantry door.  No more wasting money on multiple purchases or expired dates.


Long Box Storage Hack


Storing long boxes such as tin foil, waxed paper, and parchment paper will no longer be a kitchen issue. Listotic shows how a magazine rack can do more than just hold magazines.


Utensil Declutter Hack

You love to cook, but finding your frequently used kitchen utensils quickly may be a challenge.  When frequently used utensils are stored in a drawer with every other utensil you have it can be stressful and a time waster.  Use metal tins or vintage stoneware crocks to collect your frequently used utensils as shown by Honey Were Home.


Shower Caddy Produce Rack

Fruits and veggies seem to never have a home or are taking over your valuable counter space.  A simple shower caddy like this one from Domestic Diva Domain will be just the trick to keep your produce in line.


Tension Rod Organizer

Martha Stewart has found an ingenious way to help store long pans, cutting boards, and platters.  Tension rods will help reduce clutter, space, and make finding what you need a snap.



Bathrooms are not usually large spaces and that means it can be hard to keep clutter under control. These bathroom hacks will have your bathroom neat and tidy in a jiffy.


Toilet Paper Roll Cord Keeper

Here is an ultimate inexpensive hack to keep your beauty appliance cords from getting tangled. I Heart Organizing, show how a simple toilet paper roll can keep tangling under control.


2 Tiered Stand

Is your bathroom counter filled with items like tooth brushes, swabs, hand soap, mouth wash, cotton balls, combs, and brushes. Golden Boys and Me had a great idea to contain all of this in a small space with a 2 tier organizer. Place all your small containers in this organizer and you are done.


Magnetic bobby pin holder

Bobby pins are allusive little creatures.  They seem to disappear almost immediately. Superwoman to the rescue with a magnetic strip mounted on your cabinet door to keep bobby pins in place.


Mesh bath and shower organizer

The bathtub and shower can get very cluttered with shampoo, conditioner, body washes, soap, and other bath products. Dreaming In DIY found a mesh bag to solve the problem. Hang this bag on the inside of the shower curtain and no more excessive bottles in the way or falling when trying to put them back.


BathtubToy Storage

Do you have small children that just love to play with toys while taking a bath? Are you constantly trying to find ways to store them and dry without molding?  Try this toy clutter hack from Blue I Style using recycling bins and a Grundtal rail.


Facebook KitchenBath Decluttering


These are just 10 of the many great kitchen and bathroom decluttering hacks available.  This list will give you inspiration and get you motivated to start the New Year off right and organized.  You may choose to use one of these ideas or embrace them all for your New Year motivation.


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