DIY Christmas Stocking Stand

Look at this amazing christmas stocking stand! I’m always looking for a creative way to display our family stockings, I have a large family need and something to hold all the stockings. I came across an idea to use a wooden fence post and with a few easy steps you can make this Christmas stand. It can also be painted in Christmas colors or designs. I chose to paint mine a off white shade and add some distress to it. By painting it white I can use this around my home for other proposes.

You can hang a wreath on this stand and put it outside your front door. Creative signs for different holidays or events could be hung on this stand.

DIY Christmas Stocking Stand

You can find the fence post, heavy duty hooks and some plywood for the base in any hardware store. So no mantel no problem just whip up one of these practical stands and your all set.


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