DIY Window Seat Idea Using an Old Table

This might qualify as one of the most painless DIY projects we’ve showcased here. For many people the process of building a window seat is a weekend long project that can quickly become a major headache. Well, that doesn’t need to be the case. Our guide here will show how simple it can be to throw together a DIY window seat.

DIY Window Seat


Items Needed

Old Coffee Table


Clear coating



Tools Needed


Paint Brush

Saw (Optional)

Tape measure (Optional)




1.) Once you have the table you intend to convert into a window chair begin the prep work. Start by sanding the table down.

Sand Old Coffee Table

Note: If you don’t have an extra coffee table on hand you would be wise to take the measurements of the area between the window and floor for when you go coffee table hunting. For me personally I used this opportunity to find the most unique looking table that I could DIY! Remember, you can always cut the legs down to make the table the right height.


2.) Next you can begin painting your window chair. To be safe it would be smart to give it a few coats of paint.

Apply Paint


3.) Also apply a few layers of clear coating. Since this is a piece of furniture that people will be sitting on its liable to receive some wear. The clear coating will better preserve the life of it. There are various types of sealers but most should do the job.

Apply Clear Coating


4.) Sit your window seat under the window of your choosing and lay the cushions on top of it. And now you have your window seat!

Finished Table Window Seat


Final Word: Create a DIY Window Seat using a Coffee Table

You can make a DIY window seat so easily that it is almost pointless to have a step-by-step guide! If you already had a coffee table with the exact color and style you want, all you would end up doing is just sliding the table under a window with some cushions on top! While it may lack the form fitting appeal that a built and attached window seat has, it still has some amazing perks.

One of the most glaring benefits is that this way allows you an easy out should you change your mind later. Maybe the idea of having a window seat won’t last. Had you built a window seat that was fixed to the wall there would be one messy demolition job to remove it. At least this way all you need to do is move the seat away from the window and its back to normal.


Also, don’t forget how affordable this method is. It can be as cheap as reusing something you already own to buying a cheap coffee table to turn into a DIY window seat. Either way both options are vastly cheaper than building a window seat from scratch.

We hope you enjoyed this DIY. Remember to check out our other DIY projects. We cover projects such as DIY Outdoors, DIY Home Décor, DIY Kitchen Ideas, and DIY Furniture. Take this opportunity to check it out. You would be surprised how checking out DIY ideas can peak your creativity!


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