DIY Wine Rack Build Design

Why waste money on an expensive wine rack when you can easily make a DIY wine rack. This DIY is very simple to build and can only take a few minutes to complete. One of the most important aspects to this wine rack is how easy it is to customize for your own design idea. Do you want a farmhouse look? Do you want a bright colorful look? Well almost any style can be used on this DIY.

DIY Wine Rack


Items Needed

2 pieces of plywood (around 16” x 11”)

2 hinges (1” hinges)

String or Chain

Paint or Stain (Optional)


Tools Need

Drill with hole saw bit

Screw Driver


Pencil and straight edge (use a compass drawing tool)




Find the Circle

1. Using a pencil and straight edge (ideally a compass drawing tool) trace your desired outline on each piece of plywood. With plywood around this size you’ll most likely want 6 circles large enough for your bottles to fit in.


Hole Saw

2. After you marked off where the wine slots will be use a hole saw bit to cut out the marked areas on both pieces on plywood.


DIY Wine Rack

3. Lightly sand both pieces of plywood to remove any rough surfaces. You can also paint them or stain them if you would live to give them a specific look.


DIY Wine Rack Screwed

4. Next Place the two pieces of plywood next to each other and screw the hinges into the top of each piece of plywood.


DIY Wine Rack Idea

5. Add a piece of string or chain to the bottom the wine rack to prevent the rack from sliding apart when moving or in use.



Final Word: DIY Wine Rack

The best thing about this wine rack is the simplicity. If you take the wine bottles out the rack folds down flat for you to store away when not in use. You can replicate this as many times as you want and make multiple racks. You can even make it on a larger scale with a bigger piece of plywood to fit more bottles.

Also, note that you can consider using different types of wood, such as oak, maple, or pinewood if you intend to stain it. I’ve seen some amazing cherry wood designs using these plans that have turned out amazing looking.

I’ve also seen where some have used this same build to store soda bottles, you would just likely need a bigger piece of plywood and bigger slots for the bottles to be stored in.

Ultimately, the best bet with this DIY wine rack is to figure out how you want to use it in your home design. Will you keep it in the dining room for your farmhouse table maybe? How about in the kitchen? After that you can customize it to your heart’s content!

DIY Wine Rack Pin


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