Finding the Best Face Moisturizer

Finding the best face moisturizer for your particular skin type can be a daunting task. But here we will try and provide you with enough resources and information to make that process much easier.

A moisturizer is a lotion and cream that we apply to our face, much like a beauty mask. They will not only help keep our skin from getting too dry, they also add a layer of protection. Always try to get one with the SP 15 or more. This will protect skin from the sun’s ultra violet rays that can damage our skin, providing your skin with great cosmetic help.

best face moisturizer

Finding What Works

When picking out the best face moisturizer for you, try to pick one to go with your skin type. If you are not sure you can always stop by the cosmetic counter and have them analyze your skin type for free.

Once you have determined your skin type, selecting the best face moisturizer suited for your skin isn’t hard at all as you can always shop around for the right product that meets your skin needs. Even your hair stylist can help you with this as they will be a Licensed Cosmetologist. Most department store cosmetic counters have a large selection of products to choose from. Products come in all skin types. The prices can be a bit steep, but if your happy with the results than it’s worth the price.

You can also shop around at local drug stores or Walmart for more economical prices. Even at the local stores you can get products that work for you. I use Oil of Olay and I love it. I saw on a doctors show that Oil of Olay is a great product and was recommended by dermatologists.

Oh, and for all the cosmetic help it provides, their products don’t cost that much.



Creating Simple Solutions

It is very important to keep our skin moisturized. To keep our skin from hydrating, skip the diet soda’s. Drink plenty of water. It makes a difference in the skins moisture level and the cellulite. It is also good to use for the body.

This keeps all of our skin feeling soft and not dry and flaky. When you finish showering, dry off lightly and then apply to your body, this will lock in the moisture left on your skin from your shower.

Another quick tip is you can add a vitamin E capsule to your moisturizer. Just prick a pin hole in the capsule and squeeze it in. Vitamin E is very moisturizing. You can also squeeze out some and apply over chapped lips. Some apply it to scars to help minimize them.


Final Word: Best Face Moisturizer

Like anything you should thoroughly investigate the ingredients, making sure that the product will not have a negative impact on your skin or health. Natural remedies are also perfect for avoiding most of the additives that many companies force into their products. Many people are quick to buy and apply but seldom take the time to put their health first, moisturizing properly could provide great cosmetic help.

As exhibited, there are many natural alternatives that you yourself can implement. Much like a beauty mask, these can help keep your skin healthy and looking amazing. With enough time and effort you can easily find safe and health solutions to all your skin needs.

If you’re interested in making your own beauty mask be sure to check out our Homemade Facials section.

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