Gas Rebate Card: Get Cashback at the Pump

To further save money on gasoline you should consider getting a gas rebate card. There are plenty of credit cards that offer gas rebates. Some even offer over a 5% rebate at the gas pump. They can even offer 5% rebate on groceries and 1% on other purchases.

You can obtain gas credit cards through gas stations such as Exxon, Texaco and Chevron. You may also obtain them via online and mailed out offers as well. Some banks and major credit companies also offer this service too.

gas rebate card

Some cards rotate every 3 months, so most of the year its only 1%. They can even offer limited time introductory offers just for signing up. They may only have these gas rebates for just the first month. You may want to stay clear of these offers.

The better rebate cards offer 2%-3% all year round and especially with cash back deals.


How These Cards Work

With the gas station cards, if you use the same station often enough you can get a deal of 10%-15% cash back per gallon of gas. Always check their terms, they have a lot of conditions to take into consideration.

Depending on their terms, they may not allow you to use these rewards if you earn them while driving for your business. Always check the fine print, just to be safe!

Plenty of these rebates will change, often due to frequent gas prices changing. You should also keep in mind that some cards may come with high interest charges.

Some are over 22% or more if you carry a balance. Always try to pay off the balance in full each month before that interest sets in, otherwise there would be no significant savings.

Also, always check to see how the rebates will be issued and when they will expire.


Final Word: Gas Rebate Card

Similar to our tips to save money on gas, using gas rebate cards can be accomplished rather easily. The common mistake most people make is not remembering to use their cards.

Even if it saves $10-$20 a month that is practically one trip to the gas station. Not to mention with gas prices as chaotic as they are, why not save money when you can, while you can?


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