Organic Homemade Weed Killer Recipe

Making organic homemade weed killer can be a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to shelling out money for expensive products.

homemade weed killer

When looking to purchase a weed killer product be careful of the many harmful chemicals. Actually most products are jam-packed with chemicals. So much so that it takes an absurd amount of time to read all the safety precautions they have on the product.

Well not with my weed killer. This homemade solution is quite safe to handle and it’s a product that is environmentally safe, not to mention is also inexpensive to make. Here is a simple recipe.


Items Needed

½ gallon apple cider vinegar

¼ cup table salt

½ tsp. Dawn liquid dish soap



1: Mix together all the ingredients.

2: Pour into an empty spray bottle.

3: Spray weeds with solution.

Notes: This weed killer is environmentally safe for yards and pets and is a much better product to be spraying where children may play.


Identifying Weeds

Identifying weeds can be a troublesome task. Often people run the risk of mixing up flowers with weeds only to kill the very thing they planted.  What I’ve found helps me is using There you can select your region and break down what weeds are found in your area.

DIY Network also offers an interesting guide on determining what weeds are around you.


Final Word: Homemade Weed Killer

Honestly, this product works perfectly. What really helps is the Dawn liquid dish soap that strips the weeds of their protective oils, that allows the vinegar and salt to work on killing the weeds.

Overall, this recipe for weed killer costs pennies to make. So not only does this save you money, it also is a safe natural product. As with any homemade solution, always label the container and keep out of reach from children.


3 comments on “Organic Homemade Weed Killer Recipe”

  1. Tami Reply

    Is this a selective weed killer or will it kill grass or other plants close by in a garden bed?

    • Crissy Reply

      Hey Tami, honestly I’ve only used it as selective weed killer. You may want to consider trying it in a small patch of grass that is out of the way to confirm for sure. Definitely wouldn’t use it around your plants until you know.

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