Make Your Own DIY Gutter Guard

With these DIY gutter guard plans, cleaning your gutters will be a thing of the past! Actually the best part is how affordable this is. Gutter guards can run you a fortune when you buy them pre-made. Not to mention they are often made of plastic and struggle to hold up against the tough weather conditions. With this design showcased here that won’t be an issue.

DIY Gutter Guard Plans


Items Needed:

Roll of Wire Mesh

Box of Nails


Box of Screws

(Optional) Outdoor paint



1.) Cut the rolls of wire mesh. Make sure they are cut wide enough to cover the top of the gutter and leave enough room for them to be screwed down.

Cut the mesh


(optional) you should consider using some outdoor spray paint on the mesh to further weatherproof them.

2.) So now we attach the mesh to the top of the gutter, start by sliding one side of the mesh under the shingles on top of the roof. If you can’t slide the mesh under the shingles you could also nail and washer them on top of the shingles.

Attach the mesh


3.) Next, depending on the gutter you have, attach the mesh to the top or side of the gutter a drill or screwdriver. After this the mesh should be strongly attached and covering the top of the gutter.

Gutter guard mesh

(optional) Also you could consider using this opportunity to clean and reinforce your gutters. Using an outdoor sealant, you’ll make sure those gutters will hold up to the test of time.


Final Word: DIY Gutter Guard Plans

Really, creating your own DIY gutter guard build has got to be one of the easier DIY projects covered on Frugal Living for Life! For the same amount of time it takes you to clean your gutters you could create these gutter guards and avoid cleaning them again for the foreseeable future. Think of this as a potential investment that will save you more time down the line. Amazingly enough, having gutter guards prolongs the lifespan of your gutters.

So why not throw together this simple DIY and save yourself the time and hassle of gutter cleaning?

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