Recycling Plastic Bags 20 Different Ways

Want to save money by recycling plastic bags? Do you ever wonder what to do with all those plastic grocery bags you get from shopping? They are not just for groceries they can have many uses. I don’t get as many since I take my canvas totes with me to the grocery store.

Recycling Plastic Bags


Always try to use the recyclable canvas tote bags when you shop. This helps reduce the amount of plastic bags being used. There are over a trillion plastic bags produced each year. Plastic bags can take more than a 1,000 years to decompose. That is just shocking when you hear those statistics. They are also a danger to wildlife and marine animals. They can accidentally get tangled up in them or ingest them and die.

We can all be a part of the solution and recycle. So let’s be frugal and find new uses for our bags. Here are some creative ideas to recycle them.


20 Different Uses for Recycling Plastic Bags

–   Line small trash cans.

–   Leave some in car to cover wet umbrellas and other items when storms pop up.

–   Instant rain hat.

–   Line cat litter box and use to throw away litter.

–   Clean up dog mess.

–   Roll some up and use as packing material when mailing items.

–   At pool and beach, use for wet bathing suits and towels.

–   Use as a cover over takeout food packages in fridge, the Styrofoam alone dries out your food.

–   When peeling vegetables, use as a catch all for quick clean-up.

–   Can use as a lunch bag.

–   Use as knee protectors when kneeling for gardening, tie one around each knee.

–   Line paint trays for quick clean-up.

–   Keep some in trunk in case you break down, tie on side mirrors and hang out window.

–   If no rubber gloves, use to cover hands.

–   When packing suitcase, wrap shoes.

–   Keep one in suitcase for dirty laundry.

–   During snow storms cover your cars side mirrors and windshield wipers for faster cleaning.

–   Use to put under plants when transporting home from store.

–   Cover-up for boots in rain or snow, just step in and tie

–   Store your bags in a empty kleenx box or a empty paper towel roll for easy storage.