Save Energy with Oven Cleaning Tips

Much money can be saved on the oven, with simple oven cleaning tips you can seriously cut energy consumption and reduce that electric bill. Keeping in mind that the oven is one of our most used appliances and if we can save electricity, through it we could easily save money on energy bills.

Save Energy with Oven Cleaning Tips

If you are only heating up one item, than a toaster oven would be more practical, less space to heat up. Try doing all your cooking at same time of day, this way you are not turning the oven on again a short time later. Turning off the oven a few minutes earlier saves a little, the oven will still remain hot for awhile. Same with some stove top cooking.

The sooner you turn off, the sooner you save electricity. In the summer time or in warmer climates it helps when you can cookout on the grill.

With some simple menu planning you can really save on your energy usage.


More Energy Saving Tips

–    Using the microwave saves 30% more energy than the oven.

–    Use microwave or counter top appliances for cooking small amounts, heating oven draws a lot of energy. Even crock-pots use less energy than stove.

–    Keep oven top and hood clean, the more dirty the hard they have to work.

–    Clean up any spills in oven before turning off, easier to clean while warm.

–    Check for damaged seals around oven door.

–    Use tight fitting covers on pots and pans, it shortens the cooking time.

–    Copper bottomed pans use heat more efficiently.

–    Match your pot size to burner size, works more efficiently.

–    Cook outside often, using the oven in the hot summer forces the AC to work harder.



Final Word: Save Every with Oven Cleaning Tips

Self cleaning ovens are more convenient but do use more energy. When covering the bottom of oven with foil, don’t cover the entire bottom. It prevents the heat movement in oven, thus drawing more energy.


When people think of oven repair they get the impression that they need a professional to maintenance the oven unit, thats not necessarily true. Just cleaning the oven regularly will extend the life of the unit and help avoid more serious stove repairs, most of which will cost a fortune to fix. Unexpected repairs can really strain a budget. Just some simple oven cleaning tips can really extend the life of your appliance too.

If your oven has a energy star rating it will save electricity and save you money. These products are rated to run more efficiently. They use less energy and this saves you more money and is good for the environment. You can find energy star rating for other appliances, such as the refrigerator, laundry dryer, air conditioner or your water heater.


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