Save Gasoline with 9 Simple Tips

Who doesn’t want to save gasoline each time they drive their car. Especially these days with gas prices reaching historical levels, so much so that have completely shattered gasoline price records.

Gasoline, much like utility bills, can skyrocket in costs. By just doing some simple routine car maintenance you can extend the mileage you get out of each drop of gasoline, not to mention extend the life of your car’s engine and tires.

So why not save more at the pump?

save gasoline

9 Simple Tips to Save on Gas

Car and gasoline spending can become one of the more costly aspects to our lives. These simple tips will not only help you now but can also prevent greater problems in the future.

Change your car’s air filter: This helps improve your gas mileage. You can do this monthly, just remove it and blow it with a air hose or if needed replace it. This helps to extend the life of your engine.

Don’t leave your car idling long: that uses up gas. Even to warm it up. The engine will warm up faster when driving. Idling can waste up to a quart of gas every 15 minutes.

Keep your tires inflated properly: If they are under inflated that will give you poor mileage. For every 1 lb. under-inflation, you can lose up to 6% in gasoline mileage.

Have regular tune ups: a car that has not been tuned up uses up more gasoline a year. It is more sensible to just get the tune up.

Change the oil and oil filter about every 3,000 miles: This helps save the life of your engine.

When driving don’t speed: speeding uses up extra gas and not to mention it can get you ticketed.

Smaller cars cost less gas: When buying a new car you should consider the smaller models. They are lighter and will get better gasoline mileage.

Always check the fluid levels regularly.

Have your tires balanced once a year: This helps to extend the life of your tires. Steel-belted radial tires help increase your gasoline mileage too.


Car Insurance and Gas-Buddy

Check in with your car insurance agent to see where you can save money. You may be able to raise the deductible. Make sure any of your car safety features are getting discounted. Such as air bags and automatic seat belts.

Some car insurance’s offer a deal of combining auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance under one policy. So you will often qualify for a larger discounts.

Any students in the home under 25 years old, you would get a good student discount too.

You can easily find help to avoid these historical gasoline prices, Always check online sites or cell phone apps that give you the best prices of gasoline for your area.

gas buddy

I use and just type in your zip code. Checking your area’s prices ahead of time can really save money. Some stations in the same area can vary up to 10 cents a gallon difference. This can add up over the course of a year.

So why not avoid these historical gasoline prices if you have the option.


Gas Rebate Cards

Many credit card companies offer gas rebate cards. They often give you a percentage back for each time you buy gas, it could be 5% back or even more depending on the offer.

We actually dedicated an entire page to covering the very topic of gas rebate cards.

Even if you only get back $5-$10 a month, that is well worth it. Not only can you get save gasoline but you’ll also get a rebate!


Final Word: How to Save Gasoline

Honestly, you would be surprised how much money you end up saving when you start to save gasoline. With some of the highest fuel costs in gasoline price history, help at the pump could be useful for anyone. So if these tips can save you a few extra bucks a week on gas, its well worth it.

Imagine saving $5 a week on gas? That would save $20 a month, that extra $20 could go towards a bill or you could easily put it into a savings account.

Basically the more you save gasoline, the more you’ll save money.

In this one area there is plenty of money to be saved.