Swagbucks Review: Get Rewards Right Now

Swagbucks Review: A great way to save more money!

swagbucks review

Swagbucks (also known as S-Bucks) are digital coupons or virtual currency that can be gained and spent on their website. The S-bucks can be spent on many different rewards ranging from magazine subscriptions, gift cards to popular stores and online service.

You can even get rewards such as tablets or MP3 Players if you have enough S-bucks, in many ways its almost free shopping.

Below I’ll highlight the process of gaining S-bucks


How to Save Money with Swagbucks

You get paid in S-bucks to perform certain task like taking surveys, doing polls, watching quick videos and more. It is free to join and you will want to download the S-buck toolbar, you earn 1 S-buck just for logging in through the toolbar. They have a daily poll. That is a easy buck to earn.

Another way to earn bucks is to do NOSO. That stands for No Obligation Special Offers. You can click SKIP on each offer til you see a code. These offer short clips to watch and enter codes. You can earn a S-buck or two here.

They also offer surveys. Click on Trusted Survey’s daily and check them out. You have to qualify for each survey, so some may not need you. Just for searching for certain items you can earn S-bucks, however there is a limit to how many you can earn daily. So check their site for all the details.




There is also a device called a Swidget that helps you find Swagcodes. Swagcodes are unique codes that cannot be shared. You enter your swagcodes in the designated box.

Ultimately, your goal is to accumulate lots of S-bucks and to redeem them for great gift cards, cash, ect.

You can check out the Swag store to see all the reward options that you can qualify for. You can earn 10 SB for every coupon you print and redeem. Even on your birthday you can earn 50 SB as there gift to you.

There is another feature called Tasks, in many ways it is like a scavenger hunt as it takes time searching but you can earn 16 SB. They have hourly winners. So something is always going on. Keep checking in on your account, it’s so easy to earn. Friday’s they have extra SB for searches. So always check your inbox.


Find Word: Swagbucks Review

As our Swagbucks review illustrates, getting S-bucks may require some effort to gain more and more S-bucks. However, even if you log on once a day for a few minutes you can still stockpile lots of points over time. These bucks can then be traded for gift cards to stores you frequently shop at or restaurants you eat at.

In many ways these S-bucks are indeed like a virtual currency. They also have Trade-In for items like video game systems or other items you may have. Also be sure to invite your friends to join, as when they win searches, so do you.

You can join or find out more about them at the following location: www.swagbucks.com