Simple Walgreens Shopping Tips

Our Walgreens shopping tips can start saving you on your next visit.┬áRegister Rewards and Balanced Rewards are just a few of the areas you can utilize to start saving money at Walgreens. With a little planning and some coupon strategies you too can easily save a ton of money. When making a budget, don’t rule out the possibilities of saving money here.

Actually, there is plenty of money to be saved at Walgreens and here we will go over how their Register Rewards works and get more for your money.

walgreens shopping tips


Here is what we will cover:

What are Register Rewards?

How to Use Register Rewards

Store Coupons

Balance Rewards Program


What are Register Rewards?

So just what are these Register Rewards? Well let me try to explain. A Register Reward is a coupon that prints out from the catalina machine next to the register after you make a qualifying purchase. You get to use this on your next purchase at Walgreens, it is used like cash.

They are usually good for 2 weeks and they are like cash to be used on future purchases. You can also receive a catalina coupon for money off a particular item. You see the Walgreens savings program is a little different then their competitors, most stores will have different guidelines.


When using RR (Register Rewards) you only get one RR per transaction, per promotion. If you did purchase the correct items and did not get your RR, you can return your items or call 888-322-3814. RR is also available at all Walgreens locations.

When calling always have your receipt. Now if you buy a item and it earns a RR, you can’t use that RR to pay for a second identical item and get a RR for that one as well. You should do that later in a separate transaction.

When budgeting the RR system would be very important for most frugal shoppers, just saving a little bit here and there will add up.

Part of living a frugal lifestyle is saving where you can, when you can.


How to use Register Rewards

Register Rewards can not be used on some items in the store. They can not be used on tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, gift cards, stamps, money orders or some dairy products.

Always remember that when ringing up items you must have the same number of items as the same number of Walgreens coupons. If you are using 4 coupons then make sure you have 4 items. Sometimes this happens when you are stacking a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon.

So you might only be purchasing 3 items, the 3rd item is the one you have 2 coupons on. So you need a 4th item. The register can’t tell if you are going to stack on that 3rd item. This is when you may need to purchase a filler item so the register counts the same number of items and coupons.

If you don’t the register picks up on this and you may not get your savings. Your filler item should be something very inexpensive. It could be a small caramel candy by the register, gum or a single pencil. Then the register recognizes the equal amount of items.

Now for example, you buy 4 lipsticks and have 4 $1 coupons and 1 RR for $3.00 to pay for these items. The register counts the RR as a coupon, that is the good news.

I know this is a lot to remember, but this does get a little easier with time. Like I said, all Walgreens locations do their store coupons, manufacturer coupons and RR policy a little differently than other drug stores.


Store Coupons

When you’re doing your Walgreens shopping remember that there is a monthly Walgreens coupons booklet. They are near the front entrance. These are store coupons. You can use these coupons with manufacturer coupons and stack them on a purchase. A good rule to follow is, always hand the cashier the manufacturer coupon first then the store coupon. You don’t even have to clip them out of the booklet, just show the cashier.

They also occasionally have store magazines near the beauty counter or pharmacy. These often have health articles and Walgreens coupons in them. You can also view the weekly online flyer to plan out your visit. Some are store coupons and some are manufacturer coupons.

So enjoy shopping and getting some of the FREE DEALS, you’ll be living a much more frugal lifestyle!



Balanced Reward Program

All Walgreens locations are now offering a Balanced Rewards Program that will allow you to save even more money when shopping. To find out more about this program please read the following article here: Balanced Rewards Program


Final Word: Walgreens Shopping Tips

It is amazing how many savings opportunities are available at Walgreens. From their rewards programs to their coupon deals, you can find the perfect savings option and tailor your shopping around that. Hopefully some of these Walgreens shopping tips are able to be adopted on your next outing.

Always remember that when budgeting, or trying to save money, saving when you can and where you can quickly add up!