Black Friday at Walmart: Getting the Best Deals

Are you ready to get a jump-start on your holiday shopping? Well Black Friday at Walmart is the perfect time to get the best shopping deals. Actually with Walmart having already low prices you can take advantage of some of the best values of the year. Remember, some deals are staggered by hours or days so check your local store beforehand.

black friday at walmart

Online shopping at Walmart also runs concurrent to department store deals. So you can also go online to score many of these Black Friday deals as well. Actually it beats standing in long lines at the store and some of your best shopping can be done in the comfort of your home.

Another  good idea is to study the deals ahead of time.  Organize a list of what items you want and viewing the store’s sale ad online saves you time and money. Also remember not all store advertised deals will be available online.


Black Friday at Walmart Tips

Here are some good shopping tips:

  • Download the Walmart App. Many ‘App only’ deals that can be found using the Walmart app.
  • For in-store shopping bring your shopping list along with any coupons. You can find Walmart coupons on their website at
  • Also join their ‘Savings Catcher Program‘ to scan your receipt to get money back.
  • Sign-up for the Walmart Newsletter for the latest information and sales.
  • Follow Walmart on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates and news.
  • Always keep an eye out for in store clearance, Special Buys, Rollbacks and Value Bundles. There should be plenty of Holiday Rollback deals going on that day.
  • Also since its flu season so bring hand sanitizer and use wipes on your carts.

Final Word

Black Friday at Walmart is extremely popular, so be prepared for large crowds, tough parking, long checkout lines, and a run on some of the popular items.

Data shows that the most stressful time shopping is when waiting in line for the store to open and lines at the checkout. Also bring extra help to scout out the deals, you can recruit family and friends to help with this.

Its surprising how just a few ideas can save you so much. Preparing for the one busiest shopping days of the year can help you score big.