Frugal Recipes: Save Money Now

Welcome to the Frugal Recipes section! Here I have put together some money saving recipes. With everyone so busy these days it’s nice to have simple recipes to fix. Some of these recipes cost just pennies per serving, but they are easy on the budget and yet delicious. It’s nice to have recipes that we can prepare in minutes. This gives you more time to spend with your family or to just relax.

frugal recipes

I believe that the more money you can save by cooking your own meals gives you more money you can spend onĀ  something else. Some of the best meals can be so inexpensive to make. Its all the meal planning and shopping. This is where all that frugal shopping and couponing come in handy. It is a smart idea to do a weekly meal planner. This helps you to purchase the items for your recipes ahead of time. This saves you on time spent makingĀ  extra trips to the grocery store and saves you gas. Some even do a monthly planner to be really organized.

Collecting recipes has become even easier and we have the internet to thank for that. Even Pinterest makes cooking look like fun. I still love my cookbooks. My recipe box is still full. I also have a binder with clear pages to store the loose clipped recipes and handwritten ones. I put in dividers with labels to organize by food types. This way they are all in one binder and easy to find.


When finding recipes we should keep in mind all the ingredients that will go into it. Hopefully you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables when they are in season. This is when they are at their cheapest. A lot of the ingredients you can get on sale or possibly free with coupons. Sometimes the grocery stores even have their own produce and seafood coupons. By putting these frugal tips in place, your recipes can be made inexpensively. All this adds up to creating frugal recipes.


Our Frugal Recipes


Final Word: Frugal Recipes

Truly having some frugal choices as recipes is one of the more effective methods to saving money. Creating your own meals can be even cheaper when coupled with getting deals with couponing or even when finding better deals at your local grocery stores.

Often people overlook the potential savings that can be found in their very kitchen. Avoiding the costly options such as fast-food or buying already-made meals can reap havoc on a frugal budget. These recipes we’ve provided have shown that you can find tasty food options without killing your budget in the process.