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Sam’s Club Membership Promo is back!

The Sam’s Club membership promo is back again! For new Sam’s Club members, you can receive 1-Year membership, $25 eGift card, and a free dinner meal for $45. Offer valid May 1, 2017 through May 31, 2017. The dinner meal includes the following, 12” apple lattice pie, rotisserie chicken, and 36 fresh baked dinner rolls.

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Toxic Wood Pallets

Toxic wood pallets should be considered when creating your next DIY protect. With everyone making projects from wooden pallets we need to make sure they are safe, especially when pallets are being refurbished into furniture and garden planters. We just want to be extra sure that we don’t bring in our houses or plant vegetables

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Super Moon 2016

Check out the Super Moon overnight tonight into Monday November 14. It’s super because it’s the closet full moon to earth since 1948. The next Super Moon will be in 2034 and interestingy enough this Super Moon will be 30% brighter than normal So get outside to see this beautiful view of the moon, and be

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