Sam’s Club Membership Promo is back!

The Sam’s Club membership promo is back again! For new Sam’s Club members, you can receive 1-Year membership, $25 eGift card, and a free dinner meal for $45. Offer valid May 1, 2017 through May 31, 2017.

The dinner meal includes the following, 12” apple lattice pie, rotisserie chicken, and 36 fresh baked dinner rolls. The eGift card should also be applied to your account instantly or can take a little while to be take effect. The same with the membership upgrade and food credit. If you’re having problems with the promotion taking effect you should contact Sam’s Club and they’ll work through the process with you.

Find the promotion here

Sam's Club Membership Promo


For Discover Card Holders

Also, if you’re a Discover card holder there is a promotion going on through Discover where you can get $10 off for signing up for Sam’s Club membership. Periodically throughout the year Discover also offers 5% cashback on warehouse purchases. If you’re a Discover card holder just make sure you investigate this applies to your exact account or card.

Sams Club Membership Card


For Current Members

If you’re currently a member you can always sign up a new Sam’s Club membership under the name of another family member to receive the promotion. If you were unfortunate enough to recently sign-up for a membership before this promotion went into effect you should contact Sam’s Club. In the past, I’ve had them credit me with similar promotions having just missed out on them.


Final Word: Sam’s Club Membership Promo

The membership pays for itself. People often forget that Sam’s Club also has amazing deals on cheap gasoline and discount medical prescriptions. Just getting your medicine and gas from Sam’s Club would net you a great return on investment. Not to mention the great deals they have on bulk items and food.

The promotion offered here actually pays for itself before you even buy anything. The meal offered is valued around $15, the eGift card is for $25, so you get $40 in savings practically. Not bad for only putting out $45! You get a satisfying meal, a $25 gift card, and 1-year membership. So grab the Sam’s Club membership promo before it expires!

Also remember to check out our shopping section. We cover how you can find the best deals out there and maximize your saving potential. You can save more when shopping at places like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Ebay. With just a little time investment you can keep more of your money and live a frugal lifestyle!


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