Couponing Made Easy: How to Coupon Better

You might be thinking, couponing made easy? How can you make couponing easy? Learning how to coupon and use coupons properly is quite simple. Now that you have organized your coupons, we will put them to good use. Finding a way to save can be the best method to keeping a flexible budget. So lets go over how to use our grocery coupons to get the most savings.


Below is what we will cover:

Store Policies

Stacking Coupons

Using Store Flyers


Couponing Made Easy


Standard Store Policies

One of the first things to do is know your stores policy. Most grocery or drug stores have their own coupon policy on what they will allow. You can ask for a copy of it at the courtesy desk or go on their store’s web site and make a copy of it.

It is nice to have it with you in case a cashier is unsure.


How to Stack Coupons

When you stack coupons you will surely get the most bang for your buck. This is one of the best money saving tips. You will use a grocery store coupon and manufacturer coupons together on a product.

Quite a few stores will allow this. Such as Publix, Target, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens and more in your area. Just check at the courtesy desk.

Stacking can also be done on the buy one get one (BOGO) deals. For example, at Publix, you buy Skippy Peanut Butter on a bogo deal. You can use 2 store coupons and 2 manufacturer coupons. Sometimes this can make the deal totally free or for almost free.

At CVS, you can also use a CVS coupon that gives a deal like $3.00 off $10.00 coupon that was given from the CVS red kiosk. They for example might be on all Sundown products. So you would give the cashier the $3.00 off $10.00 coupon first, then CVS store Sundown coupon if you had one and then a Sundown manufacturer’s coupon.

Wow all of that for a great deal!

You always want to give at CVS the coupons that specifically state dollar amounts off when you spend a certain amount coupons first. This is because once you meet your required total for the deal, the register starts to take off your coupons, which lowers your bill.

So again, always give the cashier those coupons first while that total was met.


Using Store Flyers

When I plan my shopping trips I gather up the sales flyers. I go through and circle the items I need and try to plan some of my weeks menu’s around the grocery sales. I also look for items that I have grocery coupons for and match them up for the best coupon deals. Then I check for that stores coupons to possibly stack coupons.

With my weekly grocery store list I notate next to the items that I have a coupon for it. Then off I go to get the best deals for those items. After learning how to coupon and use them correctly you can then see a difference in the total money you save.

So using coupons properly can be pivotal in getting the most savings out of your coupon deals.

Imagine maintaining a flexible budget with less money going to groceries?


Final Word: Couponing Made Easy

So, couponing made easy? It can be done and can save you more money. Like anything couponing is more than mere clipping and using, much more can be done with coupons that can ultimately save you more money! So learning how to coupon properly can maximize your saving potential.

Part of keeping a flexible budget is finding areas that you can cut spending, really couponing is a solid method to save money that many often overlook.

Organizing your coupons can also help in the long run, the ability to catalog and maintain inventory of your manufacturer coupons or grocery coupons can be useful when sales pop up.

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