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Having trouble trying to print coupons online?

When you try to print coupons online there is a chance you could encounter some problems. You need to check with the support tips that the place you’re printing coupons from offers. For example, if you’re trying to print coupons from they have dedicated tips specifically for problems.


Here are some of the common troubleshooting solutions




Updating Java Software

Most online coupon service operate using Java software. Should the version you have of Java be out-of-date that could leave to some functionality problems when you try to print your coupons. So make sure to see if you have the latest version of Java. You can do so by checking on or watch the video below.


Updating Printer Software

Some printing problems could be due to the lack of the proper printer software being installed. Some printer software could be out-of-date and result in error. To remedy this you’ll need to find the manufacturer’s website of your printer. So for example, if you have a HP (Hewlett Packard) printer you’ll need to go to and use their support section to find the proper software for your device.


Still having problems?

You can also contact the coupon website for direct support. Most coupons sites want you to print coupons online. Coupon sites such as or will work with you to fix printing problems. This allows them to better understand problems so that can prevent for other users from printing.


Getting the right printer

If you intend to do alot of coupon printing you might want to consider getting a printer that has affordable ink cartridges. has a great list of printers that have affordable print cartridges. When you print coupons often you’ll blow through printer ink quite fast. So settling on a good printer is extremely helpful.

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