Need Help Finding Grocery Coupons?

One of the major parts of finding grocery coupons is learning the best places to look. Now the odds are at this point you should have a good idea where you would find grocery coupons or manufacturer coupons but the question is where do you find coupons to start having the most significant savings.

Trust me you may not think you will use them now but they are worth saving for future sales or purchases.

We will now highlight some of the best places to find grocery coupons. Don’t worry about how to organize them now I will be showing some simple strategies in my Organizing Coupons section.

Need Help Finding Grocery Coupons


A quick list of some of the topics we’ll discuss includes:

  • Sunday Newspaper
  • Coupons in the Mail
  • Coupon Trading
  • Other Sources


Sunday Newspaper

If you would like to see the upcoming weekend coupons there are plenty of websites out there that offer this. For example, is one such place. There you can see future coupon inserts and past week inserts. This comes in handy when planning your shopping trips.

Sunday Newspaper Coupons

When buying your Sunday newspaper, you’ll want to get them for the best price. I pay 50¢ a paper. Another paper in my area has a bundle deal, two papers for $1.25 at Walmart. So always check around for the best deals. In some cases a subscription can be a better deal per paper.

When starting out don’t feel pressured that you must purchase a ton of newspapers. You can start with one or two newspapers, two would be ideal if you can do it.

Having the extra paper will come in handy when you have a do a deal for a buy one get one (BOGO) free offer. I often buy 6 to 8 newspapers and when I am done with them I donate or recycle them. actually has a newspaper directory for each state. So if you’re having trouble finding a newspaper service in your area their directory should prove helpful.


Coupons in the Mail

Another source that makes finding grocery coupons easier can be receiving them in the mail. Flyers that come in the mail often have coupons within them, so I always check through the junk mail for coupons. You may be surprised what is mixed in with your junk mail.

Keep in mind that many local stores are often trying to increase business or new local places are opening up. What better option for them than to target their local consumer. This method can also be useful for manufacturer coupons as some companies will only send you manufacturer coupons via the mail.

Mailed Coupons


Coupon Trading

Coupon trading is another popular method to getting coupons. You should consider trading coupons with neighbors and family members. You can ask friends and family to save the coupons they don’t want and then give them the coupons you’re done with.

Where I used to live I would clip the coupons I wanted and would put the unwanted ones in a plastic grocery bag, then I would write my name on the bag and hang it on my neighbors door and they would do the same. We then would circulate the bags with other neighborhood friends.

Trading Coupons

This is how I met some of my dearest friends, we were literally a neighborhood of coupon clippers. I would be walking back from the bus stop and see some of these bags hanging from doors. Sharing coupons is also a wonderful way to recycle.

Coupon trading is a simple method, it can be done with others who coupon or with people who don’t even use their coupon inserts.

Places like Coupon Trading Zone are s web-based community for coupon trading.


Other Sources

Doctor and Pharmacy Offices:

At the pharmacy and doctors office they sometimes have coupons by the sign in area. I have found some high dollar coupons at my doctors. Ask the pharmacist if they have any. I once got a $3.00 coupon for Advil there.


Tearpads, Catalinas and Blinkies:

Coupons can be found on store tearpads, catalinas (coupons printed out next to receipts), blinkie’s (coupons in little hanging boxes found in grocery isles).


Printing Coupons or Buying them Online:

Sometimes coupons are printed right on your receipts. Coupons are also sold on eBay, sometimes even in bulk orders.


Final Word: Need Help Finding Grocery Coupons?

Much like learning to organize coupons or using coupons properly, this too will take a little effort to get the hang of. However, once you get the process down finding grocery coupons becomes much easier.

Methods such as your Sunday newspaper, coupon trading or using the mail can be amazing sources to building up your inventory of coupons and manufacturer coupons.

The truth is that there are plenty of methods to obtaining coupons, the real task is finding the best methods that work for you. Once you’ve done that you can proceed to organizing your coupons for better access.


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