How to Get Better Publix Deals

“Want to find the best Publix deals?”

Have you ever wondered how you can get better Publix deals? The average shopper tends to grocery shop almost twice a week. Why wouldn’t you want to save on those weekly visits? Publix also has made your shopping experience much more enjoyable. Their stores are always clean and well organized, not to mention you can save a ton of money there too! Talk about store quality.

You can really optimize your shopping experience at Publix by using some of these simple suggestions.


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How to Start Saving at Publix Grocery Stores

When you enter Publix always check the front for their store for a display stand with weekly store ads and coupon booklets. Some coupon booklets can be found around the store in food/item displays as well. Publix also has a Pet Program and Baby Club with plenty of offers, just fill out the mail in card and receive more Publix coupons in the mail.

Publix also has their own magazines, ‘Family Style’ and ‘Green Wise‘ magazines. These will also occasionally contain coupons in them. When I shop at my Publix supermarket I always grab their flyer called Advantage Buys, Yellow Advantage flyer and Green Advantage flyer. They contain great store and manufacturer coupons in them.

With Publix you can stack a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon together. This makes a great combo savings.


‘Bogo’ Deals

Publix always offers plenty of BOGO deals (Buy One Get One free deals), usually over 40 some BOGO deals. These buy one get one deals work even better when you apply coupons to them.

You see at your Publix supermarket you can use up to 2 manufacturer coupons on BOGO deals. That means even on the free item you can apply the coupon. Now it gets even better, you can also use 2 store coupons on the BOGO too.

That is called stacking the coupons. Of course always check with your Publix supermarket on their coupon polices. As store policies do vary state-to-state and sometimes even store-to-store.


Publix Competitor Coupon Acceptance

Publix has a well thought out coupon policy that will in some states double your coupons up to .50ยข.

Most Publix grocery stores will accept online coupons and they will accept printed Publix coupons up to $5.00.


Finding Weekly Sales Ads

I love how you can view the weekly sales ad online. This makes it easy when planning your meals, writing your grocery list or typical budgeting.

You can also view the weekly sales ads on their Publix Mobile smartphone app. With their smartphone app you can also refill prescriptions and also view Publix Apron Meals recipes.

Be sure to sign up for the new digital Publix coupons and save instantly.


Publix Apron Meals

When shopping at any Publix supermarket I always enjoy stopping by the Apron Meals center in the store, there they cook up simple and delicious meals anyone can make. You can sample and pick up a copy of the recipe.

Most meals take less then 15 minutes or less to make. Publix even has all of the ingredients on a display nearby so you can buy all the ingredients at once. So if you’re in a hurry it’s all right there for you. Actually I have quite a collection of their tasty recipe cards now.


Final Word: Finding the Best Publix Deals

In general Publix grocery stores are a great place to shop at, not only because the potential to save money but the store atmosphere is very inviting.

Its fascinating to think that Publix has been doing this for so many years now. Publix was founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins in Winter Haven Florida and they operate in Fl., GA., S.C., Al. and Tenn. They are also expanding their sphere of operations beyond those states too. So hopefully if you don’t already have Publix around you, maybe soon you’ll be getting Publix deals too!

Another interesting fact about Publix is that their stores are energy efficient stores. They promote and use everything from Green Energy lighting to recycling their Publix pharmacy vials. You can even drop off your plastic grocery bags in their bins for recycling.

So we can see why Publix uses the catch phrase “Where Shopping is a Pleasure”.