Simple Walmart Shopping Tips

“Want to save more money at Walmart?”

Basic Walmart shopping tips can really go a long way on your next outing to the most shopped-at store in America.

Shopping at Walmart already is likely saving you a bundle as it is. Mostly due to Walmart keeping their prices low and stocking their shelves well. Of-course, their prices can vary state-to-state and even store-to-store but most are tend to be close in price and are reasonable.

Walmart also offers some of the best ‘Black Friday’ deals, we put together a great guide for that as well.

Simple Walmart Shopping Tips


Coupon Price Matching

When you do your Walmart shopping one of the best ways to save money is to price match. Walmart will price match local store competitors ads. You can check here for Walmart’s price check policy. You wont need to drive around to other stores to find the best deals, so this in turn can save gas money.

All you need to do is bring in the competitors store flyer and show this to the cashier. Make sure the date on the flyer is that weeks current date. It must be a current ad and you can also match the Preferred Shopping Card prices that are in the ad.

Group those items together and a have sales ad ready. I sit my ad next to my grouped items to keep them in order. Some shoppers like to put sticky tabs on those items to help.


Coupon Overage

Do you ever wish there were more coupons for meat and vegetables? I get asked all the time, how do you save on them? Well one way is through coupon overage.

This is when you purchase a product and use a coupon for it that is more than the products price. So that makes the product free and the extra cash rolls onto the rest of the items in your order such as meat or fruit.

Check out the Walmart coupon overage policy. You should make a copy and keep it with you, because unfortunately many cashiers are not up-to-date on their store policies.


Online Shopping at Walmart


If you like to shop online be sure to use Walmart’s “Site to Store” for free shipping, by using this Walmart will ship your purchases to the nearest store in your area free of charge.

Walmart online also has a refurbished area within their ‘Electronic¬†Section‘. There¬†you can save up to 40% on computers, tv’s and much more. They will also accept online coupon codes, which are much like a normal Walmart coupon just for online shopping. Their site also has a Value of the Day deal so always remember to check in daily to see what it is.

Do you like clearance deals? Check online in the “My Store” feature that lets you browse the clearance section, “Online Clearance”.

You can check also check, they sell discounted gift cards that can be used at all Walmart locations.

Walmart’s site also offers free samples. So check their site often for these freebies.


Store Events and Services


Walmart also has in-store events. They offer food samples with recipes and sometimes coupon giveaways. Walmart has huge Black Friday sales that will often last weekend long. Similarly, they also have Cyber Monday deals so you can get in on some of these deals while shopping from home.

Walmart has become a full service one-stop experience. Most have pharmacies, so check out the prescription program. This is where you can get $4.00 prescriptions to $10.00 prescriptions for 3 month supply.

Almost every Walmart will offer a in-store restaurant such as Subway, perfect for grabbing lunch before or after you shop, great for using Subway coupons.

Most Walmart stores will have a fully stocked beauty salon for people seeking haircuts or anything to meet your beauty needs.

This is important since they often publish or offer deals for many of these services.


Final Word: Walmart Shopping Tips

Almost everyone will shop at Walmart at sometime or another and at the very least they will know someone who does. So as a result these tips would be helpful for most people to brush up on, you never know when these savings opportunities could become available.

So as highlighted with these basic Walmart shopping tips, you can start saving on your next Walmart outing. I can’t count the times that people have missed out of amazing savings because they failed to use Walmart’s price matching to get their item for much cheaper.