9 Things You Should Avoid on Craigslist

As convenient as it is there are plenty of things you should avoid buying on Craigslist. Its amazing how people will take such grave risks with their health or budget just to save a few bucks. So here we’ll highlight some of those items that you might be looking to buy but should avoid on Craigslist!

9 Things You Should Avoid on Craigslist


1. Event Tickets 

Craigslist Tickets

Even though Craigslist is one of the more popular places for people to buy concert or sports tickets I would avoid it. With places like Stubhub.com or vividseats.com being a much safer alternative, why take the risk of being scammed?


2. Jewelry

Cheap Jewelry

How good are you at telling a fake piece of jewelry from a real piece? If you can’t do that, don’t take the risk. Otherwise you might end up losing money and be stuck with jewelry that leaves green marks on your skin. Unless you’re planning to rock green stained skin look, just play it safe and avoid it.


3. Items without Photos

No Images

While this isn’t always a deal breaker it can be for certain items. Cars, electronics, and furniture are just a few to avoid. Imagine meeting someone selling a broken cellphone but neglects to include a photo. Don’t waste your time if you don’t have to.


4. Pets

Craigslist Pets

This should be obvious. Pet mills are a massive problem as it is and many take advantage of internet listings. If you are trying to buy a pet on Craigslist, make sure the personal you buy from has a USDA license to breed pets. This also helps to insure the pet wasn’t stolen and is medically up-to-date.


5. Mattresses

Craigslist Mattress

You would be surprised how many people try and tell their old mattresses on Craigslist. Would you like to potentially sleep on something that could have fleas, bodily fluids, bed bugs, or even worse? Just play it safe and buy something new. Though headboards, frames, or bed lifts might be something safe to consider.


6. Sketchy Houses

House Scams

There are tons of questionable housing listings on Craigslist promising to sell you a home at an extremely reduced cost. While some are probably legit and just advertising an already listed house, play it safe and go through a more mainstream source. Places like Zillow.com and Realtor.com are still much better sources.


7. Food

Craigslist Food

Even though selling food is against the rules it doesn’t stop people from trying to do it. The safety risks here should go without saying. Especially when considering how easily food can spoil, easily something you should avoid on Craigslist.


8. Medical Supplements

Craigslist Supplement

You would be surprised how many people turn to places like Craigslist for supplements. Especially weight loss or weight lifting supplements. They often take advantage of people who have left over supplements or quit a health routine. Just like with food, the potential risks should be obvious. Basically, if you’re going to ingest it just buy it new. Your body will thank you later.


9. Underwear or Bathing Suits

Craigslist Bathing Suit

Another thing you would be surprised that people buy and sell on Craigslist. You would be saving what $5 or $10 anyway? With the amount of diseases and germs out there why risk it with buying someones used garments? It will cost you a fortune more in medical bills should you contract something.


Final Word: Things You Should Avoid on Craigslist

The thing that makes shopping on Craigslist hard is determining what is risky and what isn’t. While some of the areas we highlighted may seem like common sense, others are trickier. What helps is having a buyer or seller who makes the transaction much easier to complete.


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