Make a DIY Jewelry Box in 2 Steps

Would you like to make a simple DIY jewelry box? This project isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Realistically the project can be completed in only a few steps. When some people think about creating their own DIY jewelry box they often get scared away from the idea. Generally that is because most jewelry boxes require a lot of intricate pieces to be cut and complex directions.

Well, that isn’t the case with this DIY! Check it out for yourself.

DIY Jewelry Guard


Items Needed

1 Fence Post Cap


Super Glue

Knob or something to act as a handle



1. Cut the post cap

DIY Jewelry Box Fence Post

Cut your fence post cap and give it a coat of paint or stain. When you cut the post cap try and leave more room on one side so the box will end up deeper for jewelry to rest in it. For painting you can use spray paint or traditional brush-on paint.


2. Attach the knob with glue

DIY Jewelry Box Knob

Attach the knob or item that will act as the knob to the to the top of the box using super glue or other adhesive. You can use a marble, sea shell, stone, or just use a traditional knob.


3. Fill it up!

Now you fill it with whatever you desire! You could use it for jewelry or even use for spare change, candies, car keys, even for little pieces of decorative soap. The possibilities are endless!

Note: This is optional but you can line the inside with material or give it another color of paint inside. You could also leave the inside unpainted and just give it a quick coat of stain inside to give it that extra slight difference. I’ve also seen where people have used color coordination. For example, making the outside navy blue but the inside white.


Final Word: DIY Jewelry Box Display

As you can see there isn’t much to creating this project. There also leaves the room for you to be original with your own design. From everything the to post cap to the knob selection, you can truly take this idea and go any direction with it.

Do you like traditional colors with a brass knob? How about hot pink with a unicorn knob? Maybe a rich wood stained look with a silver knob is more you flavor? The customization is limitless.

The ability to customize the design are plentiful and the uses for it are equally as diverse. To that end this project could become a perfect gift idea. Especially if the person needs something that this box design can fulfill. Considering how cheap this DIY is to create, why not get in the habit of creating them?

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