How to Make a DIY Fire Pit

Building your own DIY fire pit can become the perfect backyard centerpiece. Especially for those cookouts and summer evenings. The problem with premade fire pits is the cost and pain transporting them around.

Here we’ll showcase a simple DIY fire pit design that can be accomplished by even the most entry-level do it yourselfer.

DIY Fire Pit



Items needed

  • Concrete mix
  • String
  • Wood stakes
  • Pavestones or Cinderblocks (for lining the outside of the pit)
  • High Heat Spray Paint

Note: The total number of pavestones needed depends on what you have in mind. I found that it also varies depending on what is available locally too. So, to be safe just determine how tall and wide you want the pit to be first. Then at the store use the measurements of the bricks how many it will take to complete it.



1.) Determine how tall and wide you want your pit to be. Then use string and stakes to set a layout of what you have in mind. Also, use a tape measure to determine the dimensions of the layout you have.

String and Stake


2.) Using your measurements get enough pavestones to build the fire pit wall. Be sure to get extra stones to be safe. The extra stones can be used later or in another DIY project.

Pile of Pavestones


3.) Remove the grass or sod that will be under your fire pit’s location. Also remove up to 8’ of sod around location as well. You can also fill in the area around the location with concrete or gravel. (If you’re building this fire pit on a patio or concrete you’ll be fine)

Remove Sod


4.) Build the wall of your fire pit using the pavestones and concrete mix.

Building the Fire Pit


5.) Once your concrete has finished curing make sure to clean the inside of your fire pit. Remove any loose concrete and debris and coat the inside wall with high heat spray paint.

High Heat Paint


Note: Also, consider lining the bottom with rocks or leftover bricks.


Final Word: How to Make a DIY Fire Pit

It would amaze you how much premade fire pits can cost, let alone having someone build one for you. What really helps taking the time to layout your fire pit the way you want.

You could spend 2 hours or 2 days depending on how experienced you are. Regardless you should end up with a decent result that fits exactly what you are looking for.

What I found helps is taking your time to consider original ideas and variations of what you want. For this DIY fire pit, you might want to layout your idea a few different ways. Especially with your layout, you would be surprised how creative you can be with just string and stakes.


I’ve seen people use this concept to build circle shaped fire pits and even square or star fire pits can be made. Using your own creativity, the possibilities really are endless.

Even after you’ve gotten the fire pit you desire there are still other great ideas to improve the fire pit experience. For example, you could consider building DIY outdoor chairs to create the perfect seating environment for this newly built fire pit.


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