How to Become a Frugal Shopper

Being a frugal shopper you should always try and spend your money wisely. By just making minor changes and with a little research you can easily save money on each of your shopping trips.

How to Become a Frugal Shopper

As consumers we are always looking for a way to stretch our money, why spend more when it isn’t required?

With just a few simple techniques you can save on just about anything. From buying groceries, clothes, prescriptions to buying anything online. You can save money with a few simple steps.


Places you can Shop Frugally

Here we cover:

  • Walmart Shopping Tips – Most people shop at Walmart, there are plenty of tips that can help you save more on your next Walmart outing.
  • Target Shopping Tips – Target has also become one of the larger shopping destinations around, so its no surprise that we found simple tips that can save you money.
  • CVS Shopping Tips – There are many deals to be found at CVS, you can save on everything from medication to food and candy. Our tips are simple and can save plenty.
  • Walgreens Shopping Tips – Easily one of them most widespread drug-stores out there, Walgreens also has deals that you can save much on. The tips we’ve compiled can be easily accomplished.
  • Publix Shopping Tips – Our Publix tips can save you money on each trip to the grocery store, we layout a simple guide by providing tips that can be achieved with little effort.
  • Online Shopping Tips – The Online Shopping section covers a vast selection of various online shopping sites and provides tips on how to maximize your savings.


The Basics of Frugal Shopping

To put it simply, being a frugal shopper is being smart with your money. Frugal shopping is a good habit to get into and one that can save you tons. There is something to be said about purchasing a product with smart-planning and paying for it at the lowest price. Verses buying the product at retail price and paying much more than is necessary.

You should always make the effort to keep more of your hard earned money. Before I leave my home I always check the website for the stores I’m going to shop at to see if there is a deal going on. If I find any useful coupon codes then I just print the coupons and go shopping.

Also check your local newspapers for any coupons they may have put out. Check for the home improvement stores and craft stores too, generally there are always coupons in the papers for these.

By just doing a few minutes of frugal planning you can save a lot of money.


Frugal Smartphone Apps


Smartphone Apps are ideal for any frugal shopper. With certain apps, such as the Ibotta app, you can earn real money just from buying your favorite products.

You can save money by price checking store-to-store on items to get the optimal price. There are also plenty of apps that can pull up mobile coupons immediately. This can be helpful for entertainment deals too.

For example, when going to the movie theater you can instantly check on the movie theater website for deals. In some cases you can even get coupons for money off their popcorn, candy, drinks etc.


Final Word: Become a Frugal Shopper

Undoubtedly shopping has become a common practice for everyone. The issue most people struggle with is finding the optimal deal for their products. Quite often people unknowingly pay more than is required, we’ve hoped to help with that problem.

Most of the articles we’ve written cover various stores and tips that are commonplace for today’s modern frugal shopper. The truth is that this isn’t an effortless task, that being said we’ve tried hard to simplify our frugal tips so they are much easier to follow and understand.

With bills always looming and expenses always creeping higher, why not put a little more of that hard-earned money back into your pocket?


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