Farmhouse Table DIY Plans

Do you like the farmhouse look? What about a farmhouse table DIY? They come in all sizes with different finishes. Like natural stained to painted and distressed and after researching and pricing them we decided to make our own. My husband was voted to lead this project and our daughter to assist. She wanted one as a long desk and after all the desk was for her.

DIY Farmhouse Table

We decided to re-purpose our old wooden dining table and give it the look of a farm house table. The legs on it were perfect for this project. For our farmhouse table DIY we decided to make a wooden top to put over the existing one. This way we did not have to disassemble it.


Items Needed

  •     Table
  •     Pine wood boards
  •     Measuring tape
  •     Sandpaper
  •     Stain or paint
  •     Electric palm sander (if you have one)
  •     Electric circular saw
  •     Drill
  •     Dry wall screws

Farmhouse Table DIY



  1. First decide on the table dimensions you want, we decided to shorten and narrow the table. We took the legs off and used the circular saw to cut it down and make it a little smaller. We bought the pine wood boards at Home Depot.
  2. For our table top the measurement 5ft by 2.5 ft., the wood planks were  1”x 9 -1/2” wide. We then cut the boards.
  3. Then we assembled cut strips of wood around the edge of the new top and screwed the boards to the edging.
  4. We drilled holes and used 1 and ¼ dry wall screws. Do this from underneath so you don’t see the screws.
  5. Re-attach the legs. Now slide the new top over the old table. You can screw in down from underneath or just let it rest if it fits snug.
  6. Sand the top well and dust it off.
  7. Apply the stain it with a brush. Then rub it off with a rag. We wanted a rustic look so we stained some boards with a light stain. We then staggered some boards with medium and some with dark stain. This gives it dimension. If you want the stain to be darker then apply another coat to desired shade.

Notes: Remember the longer you leave the stain on without rubbing off the darker it becomes.


Final Word: Farmhouse Table DIY Plans

My daughter designed this farmhouse table to use as a desk in her room. We think it turned out lovely.

What I liked about this project is that we did not have to start from scratch. We already had the table and just needed to re-purpose it. This saved us a ton of money and time. I love it when you can re-use furniture and give it a new purpose.