LaCroix Sparkling Water Review

Are you tired of drinking soda? Would you like to find a replacement that gives you that same bubbly feeling? Well try a LaCroix sparkling water. I started drinking them a few years ago and now I won’t go back. These sparkling waters have a light taste and the benefit of zero calories. They are all natural with nothing artificial added. Best of all, NO aspartame!

LaCroix Sparkling Water

I was glad that I switched over to LaCroix waters. They come in cans and lots of flavors. I think my first one I tried was berry flavored. It was not a strong flavor but a light bubbly taste. Now I love the orange flavored ones and the Cranberry too. Sometimes you just want a nice cold drink that satisfies that thirst, well I think these drinks do just that. Not to mention I’ve always liked the convenience of drink cans that I can just grab while on the run.

With all we now know about soda being unhealthy for us, why would you not want to try a product that is all natural yet refreshing? Soda notoriously full of sugar, this alternative isn’t.

Then you have the diet soda. So many of us were hooked on the diet soda’s to cut down on calories. But we now know that diet sodas often contain Aspartame and that is practically poison to our health.

We should always try to drink more water. Though sometimes we do need other drinks to pick from that are also natural. That is why I enjoy LaCroix products. When you serve them ice cold they truly are refreshing.


Flavors of  LaCroix Sparkling Water

At the moment LaCroix offers over 20 different flavors of sparkling water.  They also make a point to offer flavors that other beverage companies do not offer. Flavors such are passionfruit, mango, apricot, coconut and tangerine are just some of the unique flavors they have to offer. Also offered are traditional flavors like orange, berry, lime, and lemon.

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