Muir Glen Organic Products Review

What makes Muir Glen Organic Products special is that the tomatoes are field grown and vine ripened, they never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Muir Glen offers their tomatoes in a variety of products, they have diced, puree, crushed, fire roasted, whole tomatoes, pasta sauces, salsas, ketchup and more. In the past I’ve used the diced tomatoes for homemade bruschetta.

Muir Glen also offers a wide array of recipes that can be made. Including recipes for appetizers, dinners, breakfast, and even drink recipes. You should also look into their ketchup. Traditional ketchup is often packed with unhealthy additives and one of the more unhealthy food condiments. Muir Glen has organic ketchup that offers you a much more healthy alternative.

Muir Glen Organic Products

Its surprising to me how often people fail to look for healthy alternatives. With Muir Glen they make it much easier to find healthy organic options. Their website showcases the products they offer and what their nutritional values are. Also contact your local grocery stores to see which Muir Glen products they carry. Otherwise you might need to call around to find which stores offer them.


Final Word: Muir Glen Organic Products

With living a frugal lifestyle many recipes call for tomatoes. I keep Muir Glen stocked well in my food pantry and I’m always pleased. You can find their products in most grocery stores, personally I buy mine in Publix. Their prices are good for the premium quality they deliver.

Tomatoes are also extremely helpful when it comes to reducing cholesterol. So why not eat healthy organic food and also lower your cholesterol? Also recipes like tomato salad, pastas, tomato soup, and even just eating tomatoes raw can be extremely beneficial to your health.

So stock up on some Muir Glen tomatoes and enjoy the healthy organic benefits that come with them!