Homemade Air Freshener Recipe

Why not make your own homemade air freshener and save yourself some money? Our air freshener is better for the environment and also cheap to make. No chemicals are used, just two simple ingredients and the best part of making these is you can customize the scent you want.

I have been making my own homemade air fresheners for years. They have saved me lots of money as it only costs me a few cents for a bottle’s worth.

homemade air freshener


Items Needed:




  1. Clean your spray bottle before using.
  2. Fill bottle up with distilled water.
  3. Add about 10-12 drops of scented oil (or til you reach desired scent).
  4. Shake mixture well.
  5. I leave a bottle in each bathroom and one in the kitchen.
  6. The Vanilla scent is a nice light scent for any room.


Review: Homemade Air Freshener

What an amazing recipe. Since most of the ingredients are found at Dollar Tree you know you’ll be getting something affordable. Also since you know the ingredients going into the recipe are natural, the end result is something environmentally friendly.

With this homemade air freshener you will always want to shake the bottle first before using. You could also make more of the recipe mixture up ahead of time and keep stored in a 1 gallon jug for refills. Since the bottles are only $1.00 I went ahead and bought enough to keep my homemade air freshener in each bedroom. It comes in handy having the air freshener right there and it cuts down on how often I have to refill.

Also be sure label your fragrances and keep the freshener stored out of children’s reach. Remember, with this homemade air freshener recipe you can save money and find the perfect scent!


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