Homemade Air Freshener

Have you tried my homemade air freshener? So easy to make and maybe use a nice Fall scent like pumpkin scent.


Items Needed:

  1.     Distilled water (I found mine in the grocery store on sale for .59¢ a gallon)
  2.     Any scented Essential oil or fragrance oil (Only 1.00 at Dollar Tree)
  3.     Empty Spray Bottle


Step 1: Clean your spray bottle before using.

Step 2: Fill bottle up with distilled water.

Step 3: Add about 10-12 drops of scented oil (or til you reach desired scent).

Step 4: Shake mixture well.

Step 5: I leave a bottle in each bathroom and one in the kitchen.

Step 6: The Vanilla scent is a nice light scent for any room.


Be sure to check out our page on this!

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