12 DIY Closet Organization Hacks

You would be amazed how simple DIY closet organization hacks can save you so much space. Most of these hacks can be done by using existing materials you should have laying around. So don’t worry about blowing money on expensive kits, overly detailed DIY projects, or shelf sets. Actually, most of these hacks can be done in mere minutes!

12 DIY closet organization hacks


1.) Stack t-shirts upright to save drawer space

12 DIY closet organization hacks

Stacking your t-shirts upright can save you closet space and optimize drawer space. Remember, larger shits may require an extra fold to fit but should still save you more space. You can also use cardboard to support the shirts and keep them upright. This is the best way to start your DIY closet organization, as less clothes hanging will make for more space to work with!


2.) Use curtain rings to hang oddly shaped items

DIY closet organization Hanger Rings

Curtain rings are very affordable and can turn a single hanger into the perfect storage space for multiple items. Using the rings, you can store scarves, watches, ties, even use the rings to hang other hangers from them. If you don’t like the idea of using the rings on hangers you could just as easily hang them on a closet rod instead. Either way you’ll save space!


3.) Soda Can pop top hanger

DIY closet organization Soda Can Tops

Probably one of the cheapest DIY closet organization hacks there are. All you need is the pop top off a soda can and you can hang two hangers for the space of one! For example, if you can normally fit just 40 shirts in your closet this method will possibly double that. Just slip the pop top through the hanger hook on the first hanger and then hang a second hanger off the pop top. So simple and so affordable.


4.) Use pool noodles in boots or shoes to keep them upright

DIY closet organization Pool Noodle Boots

One of the most annoying things about having boots is when they flop over and take up much more space. By simply cutting a pool noodle and sliding them into your boots you can avoid the hassle altogether. The pool noodle will keep the boots upright and provide you with better storage space. Not to mention prolong the life of your boots!


5.) Hang flip-flops from metal hangers

DIY closet organization Flip Flop Hanger

This is a very neat way to store flip-flops and sandals! Using metal hangers, you can bend and twist them so that may be used to hang flip-flops, sandals, even non-footwear items such as hats or ties. The best part is that these metal hangers cost next to nothing. So don’t be afraid to shape them however you like!


6.) Add multiple hanging rods

DIY closet organization second rod

Most closets have enough room for you to install a second closet rod above or under the current rod. Depending how much room you have there may not be enough space for shirts on the extra rod. In that case you can always hang things like shorts, hats, or even the flip-flops we mentioned above.


7.) Consider hanging towel holders

DIY closet organization hacks towel rod

If you need storage for larger linen items, such as blankets or jackets, you might need a holder that can support heavier pieces. This is where mounting a towel holder can be utilized for much more! Often closets have space along side walls or on the back of doors which would make the perfect space for these. Towel holders are not expensive to begin with and can fill a need that few other holders can.


8.) Day-to-day organizing markers

DIY closet organization markers

This is another simple but extremely useful DIY idea. Adding day-to-day clothing markers can help you sort your clothes and require less items to be hanged up. I’ve seen where some people use thick paper plates to accomplish this. I personally use door knob hangers. You can do this by getting blank hangers at the craft store and customize them for each day of the week. I found that setting clothes aside like this requires less to be hanged up and can be stored elsewhere.


9.) Hang laundry on the door

DIY closet organization laundry

Another great space storage option is attaching a laundry hamper or sack on the back of the closet door. Often most people just leave their hamper in the closet where it takes up a wide space that could otherwise be utilized for more storage. Using this method, you can get the hamper off the ground by hanging it from an over-the-top door hook. Easy to do and a massive space saver!


10.) Hang scarves or ties on a single hanger

DIY closet organization scarves

This isn’t the most surprising storage hack but it bares mention because it remains so useful. Some people fold their ties or scarves up but that risks wrinkling them and can use up more space than is needed. One hanger can hold dozens of items and keep them wrinkle free without sacrificing drawer space.


11.) Back door shelving

DIY closet organization back door shelves

Many people use back door hooks but back door shelving is every bit as helpful. You can take advantage of affordable pantry storage kits that use door storage for things like spices and canned foods. Though, instead of storing canned foods in your closet you can easily store things like shoes, nail polish, brushes, even folded towels. Though if you want to keep spices in your bedroom closet, be my guest!


12.) Add drawer storage

DIY closet organization drawer space

Adding an old chest of drawers or even a night stand can add a whole new dimension of storage options to a closet. Better yet you can recycle an old piece of furniture to your closet and save the cost of buying something new. If you go the nightstand route you could also consider adding wheels to it and create a caddy that can be moved around. Perfect for trying things on in front of the mirror!


Final Word: 12 DIY closet organization hacks

As shown this isn’t hard to accomplish. Just adding hangers or a hook can make the difference between a clutter free closet and a messy one. Don’t forget that you can also use these hacks on any closet such as a coat closet, storage closet, pantry, even in your garage. The possibilities with DIY closet organization really are limitless! I personally went through my house and optimized the storage space for all the closets and ended up creating more room throughout the house. Well worth the time!


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