DIY Bed Liner for a Truck

Rather than buy a new liner for your truck bed you should consider creating a DIY bed liner using Herculiner. Normally bedliners can cost more depending on vehicle make and exact model.

However, when using Herculiner you’ll be able to coat the entire bed of your truck with textured polyurethane protective coating that is sure to stand up to even the most damaging conditions.

diy bed liner

The process to coat your truck bed isn’t all that complicated either. You won’t need any special tools or even any mechanical know-how. Basically, if you know how to paint something, you’ll know how to make this DIY bedliner!


Items Needed

1 Quart Acetone (Should only be around $5)

Herculiner Bed Liner Kit

Painter’s Tape

Rags and gloves



1.) Clean the truck bed.

abrasive pad

Prep the truck bed by using an abrasive pad to scrub away any debris and scuff the surface. Make sure any clear coating is removed from the bedliner then water it down to remove any remaining debris.


2.) Prep the truck bed.

Remove tailgate cable

Unhook your tailgate hardware (hinge cable) so that it doesn’t get covered with the herculiner. Also tape off your truck bed area and cover any places you don’t want the herculiner to get on, such as the latch bolt hold or drain plug.


3.) Apply the acetone solvent.

use acetone

You can apply the solvent to the bed using an old rag. Also make sure to use gloves while you’re doing this.


4.) Apply the Herculiner.

Apply Herculiner

Once the truck bed is dry stir the herculiner and begin to apply the first coat. You should apply at least 2 coats for extra protection.

Note: You may need more than one container of herculiner depending on your bed size. One container should be more than enough to handle a standard 6 ft. bed, anything more may require extra.


Final Word: DIY Bed Liner

This is a relatively simple DIY project the tackle. Altogether it shouldn’t take but a few hours to complete. Keeping your truck outside in the sun should help the herculiner cure faster and speed up the project.

It’s surprising how well a DIY bed liner holds up against a pre-made or even custom liners. With customer liners you’ll end up paying hundreds to receive the same quality, whereas this DIY can cost as low as $50 to compete.

Why not save more money and make your own truck bed liner?

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