Air Conditioner Cost: Save Energy and Money

“How can I reduce my air conditioner cost?”

air conditioner cost

When creating a budget you must also look for areas to save money on bills, in this case the air conditioner and heater are the largest energy guzzlers in our homes.

In warmer months the air conditioner is running 24/7 and the same in the winter season for heating. It is important to have them checked over, a well running unit means dollars saved!


How to Save on A/C Costs

Some of your local heating and air conditioning companies run specials to check over your equipment. Check to see who has the best deal. A small investment for a check up means years of savings on your air conditioner cost.

Always check the Energy Star website before buying a new system, energy star products will save electricity and often last longer than other products. Energy Star products also qualify for a energy tax credit. If your unit is old, you may want to replace it with a newer more energy efficient one.

Also ifyou have a window air conditioner, make sure it is the proper size. If the A/C unit is to big for the room it will pull more energy.


Tips to Reduce Air Conditioner Cost

–    Keep air conditioner on 78 degrees. Even on 77 degrees you will save.

–    Clean or replace air conditioner air filter once a month.

–    Lower the thermostat every time you leave home.

–    Set thermostat fan switch to “auto” and you could save 25 dollars a month, the “on” position keeps air running all the time.

–    Get regular a/c tune ups.

–    Keep the area clean around outside unit, for better air flow.

–    Block the sun with drapes, blinds and shades.

–    In hotter climates use light shaded curtains and paints. Light colors reflect heat.

–    Keep drapes and furniture away from air vents.

–    Use ceiling fans to help cool down.

–    Plant trees on the east and west side of home, shades house to keep cool.

–    Using one window ac unit for a main room saves a lot, verses central air



More Ways to Save Energy

Much like your water heater, laundry dryer or refrigerator the goal is to save electricity, which in turn will save you money on your energy bill. There are positives to all sides of this, you can save money, get a energy tax credit and help the environment by saving energy.

Like I always try and assure people, never get overwhelmed by the thought of air conditioner repair. Just simply changing the air filters regularly can keep the air conditioner running properly can help avoid dirt and dust from sneaking into the unit.

Now imagine if you didn’t do that and the unit needed serious air conditioner repair that requires costly service?

As we’ve discussed in many other articles, creating a budget and sticking to it isn’t as hard as people think. Just these minor changes in managing your A/C and heating can help you save money on bills and even much more money in the long-run!


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