Water Heater Help That Saves Energy

Everyone could use water heater help and here you will learn how to save money through your water heater. There are things that you can do to help reduce your water heater cost, lower energy usage and save electricity. If each family member makes a few adjustments, the savings will add up.

Water Heater Help

When personal budget planning you must identify the various areas of your life that you can save money, this is one of the more effective money saving methods out there, the process of identification (finding the area to save money) and the solution (implementing the plan to save money).

When seeking water heater help most people merely find solutions to troubleshoot problems, these tips will take it a step further and teach you how to save money through your water heater.

Much like our air conditioner tips, refrigerator tips or oven tips this help will seek to eliminate wasteful energy use and ultimately save you money on your electricity bills.


How Your Water Heater Helps Save Money

If your water heater is more than 10 years old, its time to upgrade to a energy star model. Also when buying energy efficient appliances always check to see if there is any government or manufacturer rebates. Also check for a energy tax credit.

Simple changes like doing some of the laundry loads in cold water can make a difference. Your washer machine uses about 85% energy to heat the water.

The hot water heater should be set at 120 degrees. By lowering from 140 degrees you can save up to $50 a year. By just doing some of these adjustments you will save electricity and as a result save money. Even small changes will add up.

Water Heater Cost


Here are more Water Heater Tips:

–   Insulate the first 6 feet of hot and cold water pipes connected to the water heater.

–   Wrap the water heater with insulation wrap, this helps hold the heat in.

–   Draw a quart of water from water heater tank every 3 months. (This helps remove sediment that can prevent heat transfer and reduce the efficiency of the water heater).

–   Use low flow shower heads.

–   Take more showers than baths.

–   Turn off water heater when away.

–   Put a sealed jar of water in toilet tank. (This displaces the water in tank and causes less water usage. Work with it and adjust to what works best).

–   In cold weather slowly raise the heat pump temperature, bumping it up to fast uses a lot of energy.

–   Keep a clearing outside around the heat pump, allows it to operate better.

–   Turn off water while brushing teeth.

–   Don’t over use the pool pump. they use a lot of energy. Same as spa pumps.

–   Water garden in the morning, there is less evaporation than.

–   Washing in cold water saves $30 to $40 a year.

–   When doing laundry always run full loads.

–   When using dishwasher, always run full loads.

–   Let dishes air dry, open door to dry naturally.

–   Don’t forget to check for a energy tax credit on appliances you purchase


Final Word: Water Heater Help

If you decided to take this water heater help you’ll eventually notice a difference in your monthly energy bill, reducing water heater cost is where you get that money back. Really, to save electricity is really to save money, this makes personal budget planning that much easier.

Still, there are many saving money tips out there but at the end of the day reducing your spending on bills is still one of the most effective tools to reduce spending.

Imagine having the extra money to setup a savings for that vacation you always wanted to take or have the extra cash to refill the gas in your car.


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