Energy Efficient Lighting Tips

Our energy efficient lighting tips can save you more on your monthly utility bill. Proper lighting can help save electric and as a result reduce utility bills, this can be easily done.

The type of lighting you have does effect your energy bill, so when making a budget you must consider adopting new ways to save money on your utility bill. House lighting will be a great place to start.

Energy Efficient Lighting Tips

Begin to Save Electricity Now

Lights that have regular incandescent bulbs use more energy. Lighting with compact florescent bulbs last longer. Like most utilities there are energy saving alternatives. In this care there are also LED light bulbs and they can typically last for many more years than standard light bulbs.

Always check over the wiring in your home. Homes built years ago may still have aluminum wiring. Sockets that shoot out sparks when you go to plug something in are a indicator of a bad socket. This is not safe.

You may need to have an electrician replace or pig tail to connect with copper wiring. This would bring it up to code.

There are simple tips that make a difference. Just unplugging your phone charger from wall outlet when done will save. They still draw energy when plugged into outlet after phone is charged.

This is called Phantom Power, Phantom Power happens frequently on our household energy electronics and other utilities. Below are more helpful tips.


More Lighting Tips

–    Lighting can use about 10% of household energy budget.

–    Use compact fluorescent bulbs, they use 75% less energy than standard bulbs and save electric.

–    Halogen light bulbs get to hot and unsafe, replace with compact fluorescent bulbs or LED light bulbs. They will use less energy.

–    Install light timers and dimmers.

–    Dust light bulbs regularly, dusty bulbs cut out 25% of lights out put.

–    Use motion sensors for some out door lighting.

–    Flood lights should be replaced with LED light blubs.

–    Bad electrical wiring that is not connected well can leak electricity.

–    Home electronics can still drawl energy even while off. Unplug when not using.

–    Turn off and unplug computers when not using.

–    Lap tops use less energy than desk tops.

–    Screen savers don’t really save money.

–    Can set computer to energy-saver sleep mode.

–    Use smart strips, they have energy saving auto switch. Use power strips, they have surge protector and save on idle currents to avoid ‘phantom power‘. Turn off when done.


Final Word: Energy Efficient Lighting Tips

These minor changes just show how making a budget work isn’t all that hard. Those simple changes like switching to LED light bulbs or any of the tips above will save electricity and should in turn lower utility bills.

When you think about it even saving $10-$20 a month can add up over time, so why waste money when you don’t need to. Well these energy efficient lighting tips are just the thing to kick-start your monthly savings. So when budgeting you should always consider lighting as an area where money can be saved.


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