Laundry Dryer Energy Tips That Save Money

Did you know that you can save hundreds each year with simple laundry dryer energy tips? We all love our home dryer but they do draw a lot of energy. If we could simply hang dry just some of our loads we would save money and save electricity. Learning to save money with these tips wont be hard at all, simple tips can go a long way towards cutting that dreadful energy bill.

If you use your dryer daily at one load a day, it can cost you up to $200.00 a year. Making little changes to your laundry routine can save electricity and add to your savings, imagine having a budget that is much easier to maintain. You can easily do this and here is how.

Laundry Dryer Energy Tips


How to Save Money with your Dryer

I started hanging outside or around the house some of the heavy items like jeans and shorts. Also towels, when they are wet they are so heavy. The more heavier the items the more time needed to dry them.

When they were almost dry I would than put them in the dryer for just a few minutes. This saved the dryer from running so long to dry the heavier items. It will still soften them so they are not so stiff. If you can, hang outside your sheets, blankets and rugs.


More Easy Laundry Tips

–    Hang clothes out to dry or on hangers when possible, this saves running the dryer to much.

–    Spray mist a little fabric softener over clothes while hanging.

–    Always clean lint trap before each use, not only good for safety but for good maintenance.

–    Vacuum out the lint build-up in vent pipe. As with cleaning the lint trap, this is also good for home safety.

–    Sometimes vent on roof or side of house needs it screen cleaned off.

–    Keep dryer a few extra inches away from wall for good air flow.

–    Don’t pile to many clothes in dryer, this makes it work harder and use more energy. This will save electricity.

–    When buying a new dryer buy Energy Star appliances, they save you money over time.

–    Also try finding a manufacturer coupon or tax credit when dryer shopping to get a discount on the unit.


Final Word: Laundry Dryer Energy Tips

As exhibited in our other utility sections such as air conditioner tips, refrigerator tips, fan and window tips, you can really make a dent on electric bills by making simple changes to your daily appliance usage.

During the hotter months, try to only use your dryer during the cooler hours. Use it early morning or in the evening when the house is more cooler. Using some of our appliances during the cooler hours will save electricity.

You can really save money when shopping for a laundry dryer, with using a manufacturer coupon or getting a energy star dryer. Likewise you can also save money by simplifying your drying habits, cutting back on dryer loads or keeping the appliance clean.

When learning how to budget money you always seek to reduce spending or, in this case, cut your energy consumption. There is much money to be saved on this one appliance and these laundry dryer energy tips can help you get started.


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